• What is an electric car charging gun? Jul 28, 2022
    Electric vehicle charging guns are mainly used for charging electric vehicles. The Newest product of Aichie Tech Electronics Co Ltd portable electric vehicle charging rush, provides customers with high-quality and a large number of EV charging adapters in stock.   The charging gun acts as the interface between the charging device and the rechargeable battery of the electric vehicle. Countries...
  • what is the sheathed wire?
    what is the sheathed wire? Sep 21, 2022
      1. what is the sheathed wire? The sheathed wire can be understood as two or three parallel BV wires (here refers to the BVV sheath wire), BV wires originally have insulation rubber, in three or two parallel BV wires and then coated with a layer of rubber, this layer of rubber is the sheathed wire. Sheath wire is also a common household wire, usually consisting of three or two cores. &n...
  • How to select EV high voltage Cable? Nov 25, 2022
    EV high-voltage cable introduction: On electric vehicles, the high-voltage electrical system is mainly responsible for starting, driving, charging and discharging and air conditioning power supply. It mainly includes battery system, power system, high-voltage electronic control system, charging system, high-voltage equipment and its harness system. The high-voltage line of electric vehicle is used...
  • What is PVC Electrical Wire?
    What is PVC Electrical Wire? Nov 30, 2022
    PVC wire is currently used at home and abroad more of a kind of wire, PVC electrical wire is also known as Polyvinyl chloride wire. In many home decoration, factory circuit construction when we can see PVC wire cable. Years of development makes PVC wire itself has a good market position, as well as a good reputation. Of course, the most commendable thing is the continuous improvement of its p...
  • What is Connector?
    What is Connector? Dec 29, 2022
    The connector is a kind of component that our electronic engineering technicians often contact; Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function. Connectors are an indispensable part of electronic equipment. If you follow the path of current flow, you ...
  • Aichie|New Energy System Component-BUSBAR
    Aichie|New Energy System Component-BUSBAR Feb 14, 2023
    The component "BUSBAR" occupied an important position in the new energy (EV) power distribution system.   BUSBAR is a multi -layer composite structure connection row, which is also called composite parent row, which can be regarded as a highway for power distribution systems. Compared with the traditional, bulky, time -consuming, and troublesome wiring method, Busbar has the characteristics o...
  • BUSBAR-How to design and selection?
    BUSBAR-How to design and selection? Feb 15, 2023
    The BUSBAR design selection is not only as simple as considering the ability of overcurrent. Usually when designing a battery, the most considers is busbar, paying attention to its overcurrent ability and heat.   How do we judge when doing busbar design? It is a very important point to be warming. If we simply say how wide, how many layers thick, and how much the cross -sectional area, and th...
  • High Voltage Cable Assembly-The Main Wire harness in the New Energy Vehicle Cable Assembly
    High Voltage Cable Assembly-The Main Wire harness in the New Energy Vehicle Cable Assembly Feb 21, 2023
    The classification of automotive wiring harness can be divided into two types: low voltage wire harness and high voltage wire harness. Traditional fuel vehicles mainly use low voltage wiring harness. With the development of electric vehicles, the automotive industry is accelerating the innovation of data connection and electrification; The high voltage cable assembly system composed of h...
  • Cable shielding in the high voltage cable assembly
    Cable shielding in the high voltage cable assembly Feb 21, 2023
    Cable shielding in the high voltage cable assembly The shielding performance of the high-voltage cable harness is very important. The shielding performance of the connector in the wiring harness we have analyzed in detail in the high -pressure connector of the car, and the shielding of the cable is more complicated. The central conductor part of the cable is currently selected as a condu...
  • What are the technical requirements for electric vehicle high voltage wiring harness? Mar 19, 2023
    High voltage wiring harness technical requirements for electric vehicles 1. Dimensions, specifications, test methods and requirements for copper conductor cables and QC/T 1037-2016 high voltage cables for road vehicles. 2. Power line with plug-in adopts orange (RAL2010) insulation line specification; 3. Power cable requirements: 1) Conductor: stranded copper conductor (copper wire with diameter of...
  • What is solar cable called?
    What is solar cable called? Mar 21, 2023
    Solar cables, also known as photovoltaic cables or photovoltaic wires, are single-core wires used to interconnect solar panels in a photovoltaic system. Photovoltaic systems, or solar panels, capture sunlight in order to generate electricity through an energy conversion process. Electricity is generated on the panel, and wiring is needed to transmit it back to the collection point or device. Solar...
  • What are the dangers of using unqualified wires and cables?
    What are the dangers of using unqualified wires and cables? Mar 23, 2023
    Hazard of unqualified wire and cable Wire and cable is used to transmit power, transmit information and realize the electromagnetic energy conversion of a class of electrical products. In the process of spot check, found a large number of unqualified products, these inferior products to the normal operation of the power system buried many hidden dangers. 1, mark unqualified wire and cable. Mark is...
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