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Aichie Tech Electronics is a leading provider of connectivity solutions in the industry, factory located in Dongguan City of China, has hundreds of skilled employees, we design, develop and manufacture high-quality, high-reliability Connectors, Custom Cables, Cable assemblies and OEM Cases for the industries including Automobiles, New Energies, Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, and smart Home etc.   Aichie Factory has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, ITAF16949 certifications, also a UL, cUL, CE listed manufacturer. All our products comfort the environmental requirements of RoHS 2.0, most of our products are compliance of REACH and halogen-free.   We understand our clients' high quality, high mix, low volume with low cost expectations on products. We invested a lot of automatic machines to built a Flexible Manufacturing System(FMS) and strung it into a quality controlling system, to supply high quality, high cost-effective products to our customers.    "Quick response, beyond expectations" is our management philosophy. Based on our professional engineering team and a Flexible Manufacturing System(FMS), We're able to provide our customers with fast and professional service in product design, prototype, manufacturing and after-sales.   Your success is Our success! Welcome to contact us, we will assist you to win much more business.  
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What does the busbar of the energy storage cabinet mean?
March 07. 2023 What does the busbar of the energy storage cabinet mean?
Busbar concept: The busbar refers to the use of a high -electricity copper and aluminum material for transmission of electrical energy and distribution of power capabilities. The total wire of the power station or the transformation station conveyor power can be used. Through it, the electric energy output from the generator, a transformer or a rectifier is transported to each user or other substations.     In the power system, the busbar is connected to each load branch circuit in the power distribution device, which plays a role in gathering, allocating, and transmitting electrical energy. According to the appearance and structure, the bus is roughly divided into the following three categories: 1. Hard busbar: Including rectangular bus, circular busbar, tube -shaped busbar, etc. 2. Soft bus: Including aluminum twisted wires, copper twisted wires, steel core aluminum twisted cables, diameter hollow wires, etc. 3. Close bus: Including the bulk box, the division of the busbar, etc.   Performance characteristics of energy storage cabinet busbar:   The busbar is used in copper or aluminum busbar, with large current density, small resistance, small skin effect, and no need to use. Small voltage reduction means that energy loss is small, and ultimately saving users' investment.   For the cable, because the cable core is multiple copper wires, the root area is larger than that of the busbar of the same current level. And its "skin effect" is serious, reducing the current rated value, increasing the voltage drop, and easy to heat. The energy loss of the wire is great and easy to aging..   Looking at the drawing cabinet drawing, you must first be familiar with the icons of each electrical component, because there are many multiple devices in the power distribution cabinet, and the physical objects and icons of the component can be seen one by one. The role and constituent principle are better, and it is more helpful for the icons. You can search on Google to have a lot of web pages. Bookstores also have books: books such as primary electrical appliances, you can find it.   The installation requirements of the power distribution board (box) are: the power distribution board (box) application is made of non -flammable materials; the production place and office with less dangerous electric shock can be installed with an open power distribution board; Poor processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler room, woodworking room and other places should be installed with closed -type cabinets; in dangerous operating places with conductive dust or produce flammable and explosive gas, they must be installed with closed or explosion -proof type Electric facilities; power distribution boards (boxes) of each electrical component, instrument, switch and cables should be arranged neatly, firm installation, and convenient operation; Generally, 1.2 ~ 1.5m; non -obstacles w...
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  • The connector industry set a new sales record in 2022
    February 27. 2023 The connector industry set a new sales record in 2022
    The connector industry set a new sales record in 2022   Connection industry sales volume(2022) The connection device industry increased +7.8% in 2022, and global sales reached $84.1 billion US dollars. This is a new industry sales record. The following table shows the sales performance in 2022 according to the geographical area.   It is worth noting that North America achieved sales growth better than China in 2022. In fact, North America has performed better than China in the past five years. China may continue to exceed North America in terms of sales growth.       First of all, China's labor costs have risen, creating opportunities for other countries to compete in Western investment. Secondly, China's "zero -new crown policy" may lead to the closure of some companies.     The effect of currency and inflation The US dollar strongly strengthened in 2022, reducing the actual growth of the industry. Calculated in the US dollar, the industry has achieved +7.8% of sales growth, but the calculation of local currency has only achieved +2.0% growth. The following table explains this.   Considering that the global inflation rate between 2022 is between 8% and 10%, the industry implements prices in the same range. Measured by the unit, the connectioner industry may not grow.   As of the release, the financial performance of the year in 2022 has not been announced, but we believe that the rise in prices can offset the rise in raw materials and labor costs. Interestingly, we expect that the profitability of the connector in 2022 from good to excellent.     Healthy backlog of Connector in 2023  The preliminary voltage voltage order in 2023 was $ 22.983 billion or $14.8 billion weeks of sales. In 2021 years, the average sales of our quarterly sales were US $23.202.2 billion. Therefore, we should have enough backlog orders to achieve the flat or low -digit sales in the first quarter.     Please note that Amphenol and TE Connectivity predict that the first quarter of 2023 sales were -2.8% and -2.7%, respectively. Bishop forecast sales growth +0.5%. We believe that the industry may do better than these predictions, because: The results of Amphenol and TE are usually exceeded expected. The backlog is enough to grow in the first quarter.   The following shows the predictions of Amphenol, TE and the industry in the first quarter of 2023.    In the fourth quarter of the connector industry, sales increased +2.0%. This is lower than 2022 +7.8%, which indicates that demand is slowing. In addition, this trend is confirmed that amphenol has achieved +7.0% growth in the fourth quarter, while the whole year is +16.1%, and the fourth quarter of TE achieved +0.6% growth and +9.1% throughout the year. Both strong indicators indicate that the demand is slow. The forecast of Amphenol and TE's negative growth in the first quarter further proves the economic slowdown.   Consensus is t...
  • Aichie Tech| Formally resume wire harness production
    February 07. 2023 Aichie Tech| Formally resume wire harness production
    With the end of the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, all walks of life have been resumed. February 6th is the second working week after the resumption of work in Aichie Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. After the holidays, the workers arrived one after another. The company's development and product production are inseparable from employees. After the holidays, the workers have arrived one after another. In the first working week, our company summarized the advantages and shortcomings of work in 2022, and will be improved in 2023. In terms of producing wire harness, cable assembly, wires and cables, improve production efficiency, strengthen quality management, and improve the timely completion rate of orders to makesure that customers' orders can be completed on schedule.   In serving customers, our sales and operation teams will continue to learn more knowledge of new energy vehicle cable assemblies, car wiring harness, various wires, cables and connectors. We will become the best connection solution provider than 2022. More professional service customers solve problems for customers.   Aichie Tech has officially resumed work, and can be quoted and produced normally. If you have wire wiring harness, wires and cables, connectors, please feel free contact us!   AICHIE Tech Electronics Co.,Ltd Email: sales03@aichie.com Mobile/Whatsapp/WeChat: (86)18027502150 Skype: live:.cid.8643b3df38ff8b5  
  • Chinese New Year Holiday--Aichie Tech
    January 11. 2023 Chinese New Year Holiday--Aichie Tech
    Dear customers:   The Chinese New Year in 2023 is approaching. First of all, thank you for your support and cooperation in 2022. Aichie Tech Electronics Co., Ltd. congratulates all customers in Happy New Year 2023!   In 2023, our team will work harder to provide you with high -quality wire harness, auto wiring harness, Ev cable assemblies, industry wiring harness, waterproof cable assembly and other products, and provide you with better services!   Combined with the specific situation of our company, our company's CNY holiday schedule as follows: CNY Holiday: 14th Jan to 29th Jan, Resume on Jan 30   During the holiday, if you needs of wire harness, cable assembly,connectors, cables etc. please send emails to sales03@aichie.com, and we will reply to you asap. Due to the inconvenience caused by holidays, I apologize and hope you understand! In 2023,We wish this year your successful than ever before for you and your entire team!   Aichie Tech Electronics Co.,Ltd
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