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Aichie Tech Electronics is a leading provider of connectivity solutions in the industry, factory located in Dongguan City of China, has hundreds of skilled employees, we design, develop and manufacture high-quality, high-reliability Connectors, Custom Cables, Cable assemblies and OEM Cases for the industries including Automobiles, New Energies, Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, and smart Home etc.   Aichie Factory has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, ITAF16949 certifications, also a UL, cUL, CE listed manufacturer. All our products comfort the environmental requirements of RoHS 2.0, most of our products are compliance of REACH and halogen-free.   We understand our clients' high quality, high mix, low volume with low cost expectations on products. We invested a lot of automatic machines to built a Flexible Manufacturing System(FMS) and strung it into a quality controlling system, to supply high quality, high cost-effective products to our customers.   "Quick response, beyond expectations" is our management philosophy. Based on our professional engineering team and a Flexible Manufacturing System(FMS), We're able to provide our customers with fast and professional service in product design, prototype, manufacturing and after-sales.   Your success is Our success! Welcome to contact us, we will assist you to win much more business. Attend International Exhibitions & Visit International Customers   ICH 2023 Shenzhen Exhibition     Why Choose Us? Aichie Tech is committed to competitive prices and on-time delivery of high quality products. We are proud of providing custom cable assemblies that meet or exceed customer expectations. Contact us now, let's talk about your custom cable assembly.   Quick The introduction of a wide range of automated, semi-automated equipment allows us to quickly deliver your custom cable or wire assemblies, reducing your time to market and helping you stay ahead of the competition. Flexibility We are able to provide customized wiring harness solutions to meet your specific requirements, including unique designs, materials and configurations.     Quality We supply high quality cable assemblies and wire harness, we use the best materials, manufacturing processes and testing equipment to ensure that our products meet the internation standards. Competitive price Our flexible manufacturing system and efficient producing equipment enable us to provide competitive prices while guaranteeing high quality.
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Connectors, Cable Assemblies Are Widely Used In Various Fields
  • Solar System
    Solar System
    Cable assemblies and wire harness provide connections between solar panels, inverters and batteries in system
  • Smart Appliances
    Smart Appliances
    Cable assemblies and wire harness provide power and signal connections of components for smart appliances
  • Industrial Equipment
    Industrial Equipment
    Cable assemblies and wire harness provide reliable connections for machinery and industrial equipment
  • Automobile
    Wiring harness in the automobile manufacturing industry is mainly used in the series arrangement between various control systems and electronic modules to provide power supply and data transmission, including the engine, battery, stereo radio, lighting system and other modules.
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[News]-Tesla patented a modular wiring system intended to eliminate wiring harnesses and CAN buses
December 08. 2023 [News]-Tesla patented a modular wiring system intended to eliminate wiring harnesses and CAN buses
The Tesla Cybertruck revolutionized the automotive industry with its groundbreaking 48V electrical system and steering-by-wire system. Of course, if the wiring harness does not have a new way of wiring, communication methods do not have a new change, this revolutionary progress is impossible to achieve.   Tesla Motors has recently applied for a patent and is eyeing wiring harnesses. Cybertruck may look a little underwhelming, and it doesn't feel as good as Musk previously said it would.   However, Cybertruck's advanced technology did not disappoint. One of them is the 48V low-voltage electrical system(low-voltage electrical wire harness) used in production vehicles for the first time. By dramatically improving and simplifying the electrical architecture, Tesla will be able to build the next generation of electric vehicles at a better cost.     Tesla has announced that Cybertruck's cabling architecture will be significantly simplified compared to previous Tesla electric vehicles. Tesla achieves this by using multiple local controllers connected to a high-speed communication bus instead of connecting each electrical component to a central controller. To understand this situation, it is necessary to talk about traditional vehicles. Typically, every sensor and electrical component on a vehicle must be connected to a central controller and low-voltage system to obtain power. Sometimes, this means complex parts require a lot of wire. Let's take doors for example. It may contain sensors that signal to the car's computer that the car is on, off, or tilted. The same is true for Windows, which have buttons that trigger opening and closing. These switches are connected to the vehicle's controller, which in turn is connected to the window actuator to lower or raise the glass.   That's when we add speakers, airbags, cameras... You'll understand why the harness is so messy. Wires in modern vehicles extend for many kilometers, adding complexity, cost, and weight. To make matters worse, building and installing them is mostly done by hand. These are expensive and time-consuming processes that Tesla wants to eliminate.   That's why it came up with the idea of a distributed controller. Vehicles will be equipped with many local controllers for various functions, rather than a central unit.   Distributed controller For example, a door controller is responsible for putting Windows, speakers, lights, mirrors, and other components into the electrical input before it can work. In this case, the wires are short and can be fully contained within the door assembly. The doors will then be connected to the vehicle's data bus with just two wires, which also provide power to the electrical components. All the complex functions of a door can be achieved with just two wires, compared to more than a dozen in a conventional car, which is what Tesla has done with the Cybertruck.   The electric pickup uses a steer-by-wire system that requires a...
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  • [News] Korean battery companies are reducing investment in North America, LG and other announced layoffs
    November 30. 2023 [News] Korean battery companies are reducing investment in North America, LG and other announced layoffs
    Wire harness automation: wire harness intelligent manufacturing service platform. Combined with automobile wiring harness manufacturing labor intensive, more labor; The pain points of large staff turnover and poor quality assurance ability. To provide the wire harness people to communicate and learn from each other, so as to achieve the purpose of resource sharing and technology sharing.   As demand in the global electric vehicle industry slows, South Korean battery makers are scaling back their investments and laying off workers in North America. LG Energy Solution announced in November that it would cut 170 jobs at its Michigan plant after launching joint ventures in the US with GM, Honda and Hyundai Motor.   Another South Korean battery maker, SK On, signed an $11 billion deal with Ford Motor in 2021 to advance electric vehicles. SK On laid off more than 100 workers at its U.S. plant in September and delayed plans to build a second plant in Kentucky in a joint venture with Ford. The plant was originally scheduled to begin production in 2026.   The president of an automotive convergence technology institute in South Korea said that the power battery market appears to be undergoing a correction, and there are growing concerns about overcapacity because the industry has invested too much in a short period of time. In recent months, Ford, GM and Tesla have all suspended plans to expand electric vehicle production capacity because consumer demand has been weaker than expected.   LG New Energy said it will cut nearly 10 percent of its workforce at its wholly owned plant in Michigan, but expects a bright future, with plans to hire about 1,000 more workers after the expansion of its Michigan plant is completed in the third quarter of 2024.   Japanese battery giant Panasonic, which supplies batteries for higher-end models such as Tesla's Model S and Model X, has also cut back on domestic production of automotive batteries. Panasonic is continuing to invest in its Nevada plant, which benefits from US subsidies to produce batteries for lower-priced Tesla vehicles. But Panasonic is not slowing down in the U.S. and is considering setting up a third plant in the country.   Aichie provides auto wiring harness , high voltage ev cable assembly and low-voltage auto wiring harness around the world. It has introduced new production equipment, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of production. Customers are widely distributed in Europe and North America. Production employees and experienced engineering teams and sales teams serve our customers; please contact us now! We will provide you with competitive prices!
  • News--Many car companies have stopped production at their factories in China
    October 24. 2023 News--Many car companies have stopped production at their factories in China
    Many car companies have stopped production at their factories in China   According to several foreign media reports, a Volkswagen spokesman said on Monday that two production lines at FAW-Volkswagen's Chengdu plant and Changchun plant have been suspended due to a shortage of parts, with no expected recovery time and no closed-loop production planning. In response to the above reports, FAW Volkswagen has not yet replied.       Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda are halting or reducing production at factories in China Nikkei Chinese website reported on November 30 that due to China's strict epidemic lockdown measures, Toyota and Honda and other Japanese car companies were forced to reduce production or stop production. From November 28 to 29, Dongfeng Honda suspended production at three vehicle plants in Wuhan. Toyota spokesman Shino Yamada also said the company was adjusting some production at its factories in China due to a variety of factors, but declined to elaborate.       It can be said that whether it is the quarantine of people at home caused by the epidemic control, or the shortage of core parts and chip shortage caused by various comprehensive factors, it is the "mountain" that is pressing on the current production field of Chinese car companies.   On November 27, Ideal also issued a statement in the official APP, saying that due to the delay in the supply of core parts, some models that should have been delivered at the end of November will be delayed to December. However, Ideal also further said that the original December delivery of the model will not be affected.   But at the same time, it should also be noted that according to the survey of the Passenger Association, from November 1 to 27, the production capacity of domestic car companies was flat last year. "Although some brands in overseas markets have exposed factors such as parts shortage and energy supply interference affecting the overall annual global production forecast, the current production of the Chinese market remains basically stable, and fuel vehicle inventory is absolutely abundant."     Of course, due to the recent rebound of the domestic epidemic, the association also said that the proportion of car dealers closed has increased, which has a greater impact on the flow of exhibition halls and orders in the market. Data show that in the fourth week of November (November 21-27), the overall narrow passenger car market retail sales reached an average of 53,000 vehicles per day, down 31% year-on-year and 32% lower than the average in the fourth week of October this year.   Wuhan Guangzhou area auto factories have closed loop production In fact, due to the frequent occurrence of the domestic epidemic, a number of car companies have launched a closed on-site production strategy.   According to sources, Dongfeng's car factory in Wuhan has once again launched the "first-line production" defense war.   At present,...
  • 40% lower cost! Tesla's Shanghai factory has begun
    September 28. 2023 40% lower cost! Tesla's Shanghai factory has begun
    Recently, some media saw in the Tesla Super Factory in Shanghai Pudong Lingang that the Tesla Model Y rear floor assembly system produced here has successfully adopted integrated die casting technology to achieve rapid casting. The structure and thermal management system manager of Tesla Shanghai Co., LTD., introduced that on the rear floor Model of Tesla Model Y, the original spare parts were installed and integrated into one part, and the production efficiency was greatly improved. Compared with the traditional way, the body system saved more than 10% weight.   In addition, the cost also has a very obvious advantage, thanks to the optimization of the structural design and material recycling results, the rear floor assembly system of the car using integrated die casting method, the manufacturing cost is reduced by 40%.   It is worth noting that overseas media reported recently that Tesla's integrated die-cast body technology (gigacasting) has made a breakthrough, which can change the existing electric vehicle production mode and help Musk achieve the goal of halving production costs.   According to the report, Tesla has developed a giant press with 6000-9000 tons of clamping pressure, one die-cast the front and rear frame structure of the Model Y model, which can be the traditional car production of about 400 parts, almost all the complex electric car bottom die-cast into a whole, reducing production costs and building a new technical moat of Tesla.   The report also said that Tesla's deployment of this die-cast body technology, the development of a new car can be reduced to 18-24 months, as compared to the current car manufacturers usually take 3-4 years to develop a new car.   Aichie provides high voltage ev cable assembly, high -quality busbar and low -voltage auto wiring harness around the world. It has introduced new production equipment, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of production. Customers are widely distributed in Europe and North America. Production employees and experienced engineering teams and sales teams serve our customers; please contact us now! We will provide you with competitive prices!
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