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  • Ford and Tesla team up — giving Ford owners access to Tesla Superchargers next year
    May 29, 2023 Ford and Tesla team up — giving Ford owners access to Tesla Superchargers next year
    Ford EV owners will use Tesla Superchargers   Ford announced on the evening of May 27 that it is working with Tesla to help expand electric vehicle possibilities for U.S.A customers.  Owners of Ford's electric vehicles including the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning (above, CEO Jim Farley) can now use more than 12,000 EV Supercharger fast chargers for their Electrical vehicles.   Starting in 2025, Ford will also come standard with a built-in connector on its EVs, meaning Ford EV owners won't need a special adapter to use the supercharger.   In an announcement late Thursday, May 25, Ford said it had reached an agreement that will give Ford electric vehicle owners access to Tesla's network of Superchargers starting in the spring of 2024.   This will more than double the number of fast chargers in the U.S.A and Canada for owners of Ford EVs, including the Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit and F-150 Lightning pickup, Ford President and CEO Jim Farley said in the announcement. Currently, they offer about 10,000 fast chargers through Ford's BlueOval charging network, with over 12,000 Superchargers to be added under the agreement.   Ford EVs will also get an adapter to allow them to use a supercharger. The adapter, developed by Tesla, will be built into new Ford electric vehicles starting in 2025, the company said. The North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector on EVs equipped with Combined Charging System (CCS) ports will allow the vehicles to be used with Tesla V3 Superchargers. A Ford spokesman called the connector "smaller and lighter" and would "provide a superior customer experience."     Tesla Supercharging Station with Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup Aichie provides all kinds of high quality ev cable assembly  and  EV Charger Cable around the world. It has introduced new production equipment, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of production. Customers are widely distributed in Europe and North America. Production employees and experienced engineering teams and sales teams serve our customers; please contact us now! We will provide you with competitive prices!     AICHIE Tech Electronics Co.,Ltd Email: Mobile/Whatsapp/WeChat: (86)18027502150   Skype: live:.cid.8643b3df38ff8b5
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  • Connectors News--Wiring Harness Assembly Accessories
    May 25, 2023 Connectors News--Wiring Harness Assembly Accessories
    HARTING charging cable (EV)   HARTING charging cables (EV) for Volkswagen's electric vehicles contributed to driver Rainer Zietlow's latest record. Zietlow, the multiple Guinness World Record holder, reached Deadhorse on April 2, 2023, at the far end of the Dalton Highway System on Alaska's North Coast, in a Volkswagen ID.4 AWD EV. No electric vehicle had reached this point earlier this year. Zietlow's drive began on March 28, 2023 in Homer, Alaska and ended on May 6, 2023 in Key West, Florida, the southernmost tip of the U.S.A highway system. During 8,500 miles of driving, Zietlow charged the ID.4 at charging stations and covered the distance without a service vehicle.   HARTING has a long history with Volkswagen and Zietlow. Volkswagen supported Zietlow with two previous record-breaking drives by awarding HARTING the "Supplier of the Year, Mobility 2020". The project can be tracked with pictures and videos and live tracker As with all of his previous projects, Rainer Zietlow supports the charity SOS Children's Villages.   TTI Inc. was rated as   Best Distribution Partner of 2022 TTI Inc. announces that it has been named Distribution Partner of the Year by Smiths Interconnect for 2022 and has won the US Distributor of the Year award, thanks to a special focus on the space and defense market segments and support management of best-in-class inventory . On behalf of TTI, Lew LaFornara, TTI's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Administration, thanked the entire Smiths team. “It is very gratifying to be selected again as US Distributor of the Year, and we would like to thank Smiths Interconnect for this honor. I especially want to thank and recognize the continued support we have received from so many people at Smiths and the Americas representatives, which we all share A key component of success."   Mouser has won Harwin2022 Global Performance Award Mouser has been honored with Harwin's 2022 Global Performance Award for its growing Harwin customer base and impressive sales growth figures. In addition to this, the company conducts marketing activities, including extensive publicity through electronic newsletters and online advertising, and the creation of informative technical and multimedia content. Other key factors are the speed of new product introductions (NPI) and major commitments to inventory. The latest product lines are quickly added to the Mouser inventory and then widely promoted to relevant target audiences.   Senior Vice President of Products at Mouser: Jeff Newell; Vice President of Sales - Harwin: Jessica Knight; Director of Supplier Management at Mouser: Kristina Cole; Supplier Manager: Jeri Hull; Director of Distribution: Anthony Bruggeman.     Weidmüller expands its existing sales, development and production center in USA   The Weidmüller Group will invest $16.4 million to expand its existing operation in Richmond, Virginia. Th...
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  • ICH 2023深圳连接器线束展将于5月16日开幕
    Apr 27, 2023 ICH 2023深圳连接器线束展将于5月16日开幕
      作为连接器线束加工行业的晴雨表,万众期待的ICH 2023第12届深圳国际连接器、线缆线束及加工设备展览会将于2023年5月16-18日在深圳国际会展中心如期举办,从展会举办以来一直备受行业瞩目, ICH展一直紧紧围绕企业和行业最迫切需求,致力于提振行业信心、激发市场活力、畅通供需对接、维护产业链供应链稳定发挥出巨大的价值,增强市场活力起到积极作用,推动制造业升级和新兴产业发展,打造行业更具影响力的品牌盛会。   这将是一个“一站式”产业生态链行业盛会,聚焦行业应用、助力产业互联,展会吸引多家行业巨头,“专精特新”和高新技术企业近600家展商参展,集中展示的新产品、新技术、新材料、新工艺、新设备覆盖3C电子、汽车制造、电器制造、医疗器械、新能源、航空航天、铁路及轨道交通、通讯、半导体、照明、机器人、工业自动化、充电桩、电力电工等主要行业应用解决方案和未来技术发展新方向,助力解决企业最为关注的“提质、降本、增效”难题。 展示产品包括:各行业应用的连接器/端子、接插件,USB Type-C,高频数据线材,各行业应用的线缆线束,新能源线束加工技术、FARKA/HSD自动生产线、线缆线束加工设备、连接器制造技术和仪器、应用材料、配线器材等。   上届展会现场   东莞市爱知电子科技有限公司将以商家形式参与本次展会--ICH 2023,展位号是15号馆 G088;5月16日至5月18日我们公司将会在那里进行展示;参观我们的展位,了解更多我们在连接器,电线电缆,汽车线束和新的新能源汽车线束行业的发展;届时,我们会展示我们近期以及未来推出的新产品,欢迎大家参观我们展位和产品,期待各位的来临!   锁定2023年5月16-18日,我们在深圳国际会展中心不见不散。 展会交通指南 展会地点在深圳国际会展中心(宝安新馆) 导航地址:深圳国际会展中心P1/P6停车场入口 (深圳市宝安区福海街道展城路1号)
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  • Tesla's price adjustment in the USA, price increase and price reduction coexist
    Apr 27, 2023 Tesla's price adjustment in the USA, price increase and price reduction coexist
    On April 20, Tesla released the first quarter of the 2023 financial report. According to the financial report, Tesla's revenue in the first quarter was about $ 23.33 billion dollars, an increase of 24%year on year; net profit was about $2.513 billion dollars, and the operating profit margin was 11.4%. In addition, Tesla operating cash flow was $2.5 billion dollars, and the free cash flow in the first quarter was $ 400 million.       Since 2023, Tesla has opened a price reduction strategy worldwide, and even in certain areas, the price reduction has been reduced more than once. But it is terrible that although Tesla's profit margin fell more than 10%, it was still considerable: in the first quarter, it still maintained an 11.4% level, which was higher than many car companies.   According to Tesla, although the price of some models in different regions in the first quarter, the decline in operating profit margins is still controllable. At the same time, Tesla also expects vehicle costs to continue to decrease.     At present, Cybertruck is producing the Alpha version. When Cybertruck successfully begins to deliver and complete production capacity climbing, it is estimated that Tesla's revenue and profits will continue to increase. Perhaps this is the biggest impact of large -scale production on the manufacturing industry.     Tesla's price adjustment in the United States, price increase and price reduction coexist On April 20, the official website of Tesla showed that the price of Model Y long battery life and the high -performance version was reduced by $3,000 US dollars, and the price of the Model 3 rear -wheel drive version was reduced by $2,000 dollars.       At the same time, the price of Tesla Model S and Model X was raised by $ 2,500 in the United States. At present, Model S is priced at $ 87,490, Model S Plaid is priced at $ 107,490; Model X is priced at $ 97,490, Model X Plaid is priced at $ 107,490.   This kind of rising and falling situation perfectly explains the principles of Tesla's "cost -based pricing". Model 3 and Model Y are already the sixth time to reduce prices in the United States. Musk also hinted that although Tesla's price reduction measures at the beginning of this year have affected profit margins (profit margins have fallen by 10%and the market value evaporates $50 billion), Tesla will continue to reduce prices to stimulate demand. It is conceivable that Tesla's continuous price cuts will continue to impact the new energy market in the USA.   Aichie provides high -quality busbar low -voltage auto wiring harness and high voltage ev cable assembly around the world. It has introduced new production equipment, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of production. Customers are widely distributed in Europe and North America. Production employees and experienced engineering teams and sales teams serve our customers; please contact us now! We will provi...
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  • How to draw auto wire harness drawing?
    Dec 20, 2022 How to draw auto wire harness drawing?
    Solution 1:   According to the wiring harness configuration list of the vehicle and the wiring harness direction in the 3D wiring diagram, the measurement tools in CATIA are used to measure the required sizes of each trunk, branch, buckle, cable tie and rubber parts according to the drawing requirements of the wiring harness diagram. The 2D diagram can be arranged through reasonable design, and the outline of the wiring harness diagram can be basically determined.     Solution 2: In the process of automobile circuit design, in order to understand the actual situation of automobile electrical equipment in detail and facilitate the arrangement and connection of automobile circuit, engineers need to rely on the schematic diagram, automobile circuit diagram and application diagram. Although the diagram reflects the actual installation position of the electrical equipment on the vehicle, the criss-cross wires in the diagram increase the difficulty of reading the diagram. In order to make the circuit diagram more close to the reality, it is often necessary to draw the wiring harness installation diagram. Wiring harness diagram is the whole car circuit diagram drawn according to the actual installation position of electrical equipment on the car, mainly based on the formation of wiring harness, the drawing surface of the line is less, the expression of the connection between the components has become its main content, in order to express the color of the wire, the terminal code of the joint, often supplemented with wiring harness grouping and terminal number table and wiring harness terminal wiring table. The contents of the wiring harness First, the composition of the wire harness The automobile wiring harness diagram is composed of multiple wiring harnesses, including main line harnesses and branch wiring harnesses. The diagram should show the composition of each wire harness, how many branches there are on each harness, how many wires there are on each branch, the color of the wire and what the stripes are. Two, the length of the wire harness The length of the wire harness includes the total length of the wire harness, the length of each branch and the length of the interval between two wire ends. Three, connection code and connection mark The number of electric appliances on the car is large and complex, in order to make the connection correct, each connection point should be marked with connection code and connection mark, so as to facilitate the connection. Four, the adapter Because there are multiple wiring harnesses, wiring harnesses and wiring harnesses, branches and wiring harnesses, or branches and electrical appliances are all connected through the connector, it should be indicated how many wires on each connector, where each wire is located in the wiring hole of the connector, what kind of shape of the connector, whether the adjacent several connectors are easy to be confused. Color of wire In order to make you understand the...
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  • The challenge of wiring harness supply reflects global logistics
    Sep 28, 2022 The challenge of wiring harness supply reflects global logistics
    The challenge of wiring harness supply reflects global logistics     Wiring harnesses became an industry hot spot when the war in Ukraine caused a sudden shortage, but the challenges facing the industry go well beyond the events of 2022.   Due to advanced driver assistance features and the already severe lack of automation and high chip requirements in manufacturing, increasing complexity makes automotive wiring harness production one of the most critical development areas in the industry.   Auto Wire harness     Increasing sensor technology and driver assistance features in cars are making them safer and providing drivers with peace of mind.   Autopilot mode is on the rise in popularity, but even relatively basic cameras to help with parking and infotainment displays can make wiring harps more complex and require more high-speed data cables. Electrification adds extra complexity by introducing battery and brake regeneration management, which means more computing power to make the car as efficient as possible. The more wires and structures are needed, the greater the challenge of supplying the parts and actually making the harness.       Automation Automation in harness manufacturing comes from two sources: the need to make production lines and harness manufacturing processes more efficient, and on the vehicle side, the increasing need for sensors and computers to manage advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).       Although fully autonomous vehicles are still a long way from production, consumers now expect a variety of driver assistants in their cars. Features such as lidar or other camera technology increase the need for a new data line that must be high-speed enough to provide information in real time.   Companies such as Aptiv are providing the technology for smart cars. Do Sohn, Aptiv's global director of innovation, will speak at the Automotive Wiring Harness Conference in Detroit in October. Also, manufacturers need to look for new technologies, such as fully automatic stranding. Simon Abegg, director of twist machines in Komax's product group, will detail the new robotic process, even for 0.13mm wires. Bob Potock, Zuken's vice president of marketing, will also talk about how digital visualization can help set up wiring harnesses and streamline processes.   Connection     The increasing complexity of wiring harness design, the need for faster cables, and the increasing amount of data being transferred in the car mean that the speed at which data can be moved is important. Frederic Holtzman and Johannes Schmid argue that copper wiring is an essential part of this, not a limitation, and he will show how wiring has been able to reach 100G in automotive wiring harnesses, but the problem lies more in semiconductors. Trying to make the most of lightweight wiring will be key to driving vehicle automation.   Electrification     As the auto ...
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