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  • Electronica 2022 | Messe Munchen
    Sep 27, 2022 Electronica 2022 | Messe Munchen
    At present, the COVID-19 epidemic has lasted for a long time in the world, and the prevention and control policies are relatively comprehensive. From November 15 to November 18, 2022, Aichie Tech Electronics Co Ltd will participate in the 2022 Electronic Components Show in Munich, Germany.     Founded in 1964, Munich International Electronic Components, Materials and Production Equipment (Electronica) has become one of the largest and most influential electronic components fairs in Europe and the world after more than 50 years of development.   It is reported, electronica 2022 | Messe Munchen is the world's leading electronics trade show and conference exhibitors target groups including the products and services provided by the company for development, quality control, maintenance and repair of electronic components, equipment and machinery. Related Industries: Electrical Engineering, electronics, Retail Trade (distributor), telecommunications, Mechanical engineering, Service provider, Software technology, data processing. As the visitor's target group, developers and designers of application-oriented electronic circuits and products.   That's a good reason for your visit The Electronics Show is the most important international conference venue for the electronics industry. The world's leading trade show covers the entire electronic spectrum from components to systems, applications and services. Extensive conference and support programs highlight automotive, embedded, semiconductor, and wireless and networking startups associated with the industry.   Electronica 2018 in retrospect       Aichie Tech Electronics Co., Ltd. will participate in Electronica 2022 as a merchant, booth number is A2 136; Our company will hold a demonstration there from November 15 to November 18. Visit our booth to learn more about our development in connectors, wires and cables, cable assembly and EV Charger Cable; At that time, we will show our recent and future new products, you can communicate with the CEO at our booth, looking forward to your visit!       A2 136 Electronica 2022 15th - 18th November   Munich, Germany
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  • The challenge of wiring harness supply reflects global logistics
    Sep 28, 2022 The challenge of wiring harness supply reflects global logistics
    The challenge of wiring harness supply reflects global logistics     Wiring harnesses became an industry hot spot when the war in Ukraine caused a sudden shortage, but the challenges facing the industry go well beyond the events of 2022.   Due to advanced driver assistance features and the already severe lack of automation and high chip requirements in manufacturing, increasing complexity makes automotive wiring harness production one of the most critical development areas in the industry.   Auto Wire harness     Increasing sensor technology and driver assistance features in cars are making them safer and providing drivers with peace of mind.   Autopilot mode is on the rise in popularity, but even relatively basic cameras to help with parking and infotainment displays can make wiring harps more complex and require more high-speed data cables. Electrification adds extra complexity by introducing battery and brake regeneration management, which means more computing power to make the car as efficient as possible. The more wires and structures are needed, the greater the challenge of supplying the parts and actually making the harness.       Automation Automation in harness manufacturing comes from two sources: the need to make production lines and harness manufacturing processes more efficient, and on the vehicle side, the increasing need for sensors and computers to manage advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).       Although fully autonomous vehicles are still a long way from production, consumers now expect a variety of driver assistants in their cars. Features such as lidar or other camera technology increase the need for a new data line that must be high-speed enough to provide information in real time.   Companies such as Aptiv are providing the technology for smart cars. Do Sohn, Aptiv's global director of innovation, will speak at the Automotive Wiring Harness Conference in Detroit in October. Also, manufacturers need to look for new technologies, such as fully automatic stranding. Simon Abegg, director of twist machines in Komax's product group, will detail the new robotic process, even for 0.13mm wires. Bob Potock, Zuken's vice president of marketing, will also talk about how digital visualization can help set up wiring harnesses and streamline processes.   Connection     The increasing complexity of wiring harness design, the need for faster cables, and the increasing amount of data being transferred in the car mean that the speed at which data can be moved is important. Frederic Holtzman and Johannes Schmid argue that copper wiring is an essential part of this, not a limitation, and he will show how wiring has been able to reach 100G in automotive wiring harnesses, but the problem lies more in semiconductors. Trying to make the most of lightweight wiring will be key to driving vehicle automation.   Electrification     As the auto ...
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  • What’s the EV charging connector standards?
    Jul 26, 2022 What’s the EV charging connector standards?
    Electric vehicle (EV) charging connectors are both standardized and constantly changing. On the one hand, the charging connector of electric vehicles is standardized according to today's technical limitations. There are standards in major regional markets, including North America, Japan, the European Union and China. However, current charging technology is limited by power.   The standard of electric vehicle charging connector has been narrowed. For AC charging, North America and Japan use SAE J1772 type 1 connector, Europe uses IEC 62196 type 2 (also known as mennekes) connector, and China uses a version of GB/T connector. In North America and Europe, DC charging adopts a variant of combined charging system (CCS). Chademo is a Japanese standard, and gb/t is adopted in China. In addition, there are regional differences in the level of available power related to the difference in supply voltage.     Every electric vehicle sold in North America can use a charging station with J1772 connector. Except Tesla, all electric vehicles use J1772 for level 1 (120V) and level 2 (240V) charging. Tesla owners will receive an adapter cable to connect their electric vehicle to a charging station with a J1772 connector.   Since there is no 120V service in homes in Europe, level 1 charging is not used. Instead of J1772, IEC 62196 type 2 connector is used for Level 2 AC charging. Tesla is once again the exception, and most of its electric vehicles use proprietary connectors. However, a few Tesla models use IEC 62196 type 2 connectors. In Europe and North America, Tesla's class 1 and class 2 chargers use proprietary connectors, and electric vehicles from other manufacturers require adapters. Current DC fast charger uses 480 V main power supply for faster charging. With the advent of higher power and faster charging technology, this input voltage level is expected to rise in the future. In North America, CCS type 1 connector "combines" J1772 connector and adds two high-speed charging pins below. In Europe, CCS combines IEC 62196 type 2 with two high-speed charging pins, which is called CCS type 2.   CHARIN (charging interface initiative) is headquartered in Germany, and its goal is to establish CCS as the global standard for EV DC fast charging. CHARIN has more than 250 members and is working to develop new technologies and expand its scope to MW charging systems for large vehicles such as trucks, electric ferries, boats and aircraft.     Chademo, developed by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), is used for EV DC fast charging all over Japan. Compared with CCS system, chademo connector does not share some connectors with J1772 inlet. Since chademo is strictly used for DC fast charging, electric vehicles using this connector also include a separate J1772 inlet for AC level 1 and level 2 charging, which requires a larger charging port area to accommodate two separate charging inlets.     Tesla is an exception to the above ...
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  • cable and wire
    Jun 27, 2022 cable and wire
    Cables: all cables consist of three types of wires. The first is to carry current, the second is to make the circuit complete, and the third is the grounding wire. These wires have different specification numbers, sizes and codes. The codes marked on them tell us their insulation and electrical capabilities. If the cable you use is marked "G", use a ground wire. One common example of this type of cable is the use 12 – 3/g cable. Cables usually have nm-b, BX and uf-b sheaths. They can be roughly divided into two types according to their conductors. The first is a two core cable, and the second is a three core cableNowadays, like everything else, wires and cables can also be purchased online. Many suppliers on the Internet are committed to providing all types of wires and electrical equipment online at a cost-effective price.
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  • The development direction of automotive wiring harness
    Aug 29, 2022 The development direction of automotive wiring harness
    The development direction of automotive wiring harness   Competition among wire harness manufacturers has intensified. Product development to a certain period, competitors will also have scale, strength, integrity of the enterprise to compete. Smaller companies will be weeded out. Wiring harness assembly is increasingly concentrated in technologically capable enterprises.     Because the automotive wiring harness is different from the general wiring harness, there are some electronic components attached to the car wiring harness, such as sensors, thick film circuit mixed, such electronic components have high technical content, emphasizing the technical safety and reliability; Has gone beyond simple, generic assembly. It is reported that a mid-range car, there are nearly a thousand interface, more than 30 microprocessors, hundreds of pairs of connectors, the total length of wire used is 1500m-2000m. With the development of IT technology and the emergence of E concept car, put forward the development direction of automobile network, modular, network cluster has been ready to appear, so that the wiring harness manufacturing technology will appear a second leap. The function of wire harness extends from ordinary signal transmission to data transmission.     In addition, the limitations of wire transmission signal, the extensive use of fiber optic cable, automotive wiring harness manufacturing technology for the third leap, cable with transmission speed, large capacity, small volume, strong confidentiality, anti-interference advantages of the good, will soon be a thing of the future automobile data processing and exchange of important material optimization, the power and signal distribution system into a new stage of historical development. Fiber-optic cables are already being used in BMW's D-Class cars, and the Japanese are following suit. The main development trends of wire harness technology are as follows:   1.Multi-channel transmission technology: The technology refers to the transmission of multiple signals over a common media, make the electronic controller can share information, avoids a single connection, the application of this new technology, make the wire connection to simplify, compact structure, can reduce weight, also can reduce the cost, because the information is widely Shared, rather than simply copying, therefore, for fault diagnosis, more accurate, Engineering changes are faster and defects are more easily repaired.   2. Multi-station connection technology: the technology refers to the internal connection system can connect multiple intelligent devices, it can not only share battery energy, reliable grounding, more importantly, it can share data, the technology greatly reduces the input and output of the module, the number of counts, simplify the module and wiring harness assembly; Due to the reduction of a large number of contact points, production cycle, production costs will be s...
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