How to select EV high voltage Cable? Nov 25, 2022

EV high-voltage cable introduction:

On electric vehicles, the high-voltage electrical system is mainly responsible for starting, driving, charging and discharging and air conditioning power supply. It mainly includes battery system, power system, high-voltage electronic control system, charging system, high-voltage equipment and its harness system. The high-voltage line of electric vehicle is used to connect the charging port with the battery, the battery interior, the battery and the engine, as well as the battery energy storage equipment and other fields, as the carrier of power transmission. Due to the harsh application environment of high-voltage cables in electric vehicles, there are high requirements for their performance. Application characteristics of cables for electric vehicles: small wiring space, high current and voltage, high and low temperature environment, poor heat dissipation, harsh driving environment with salt fog and electromagnetic field, oil and chemicals, low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant.


HV Cable


EV HV cable selection reference:

The specifications of high-voltage cables for electric vehicles are generally selected according to the rated current or application scenarios. The following table is the recommended specifications for different occasions. After the specification is determined, the corresponding reference standards shall be determined. For example, OMG EV CABLE has ISO 6722 standard, ISO 19642 standard, UL3820 standard, LV216 standard and QC/T 1037-2016 standard. On the premise of meeting the standard, the color of OMG EV CABLE can be orange or black, the rated temperature can be - 40~125 degrees or - 40~150 degrees, and the voltage level can be AC600/DC900V or AC1000/DC1500V.


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