How to apply high voltage wiring harness to electronic vehicle system? Nov 25, 2022

High voltage wiring harness is a key connector and cable in electric vehicles in the whole operation of the vehicle, the main hidden dangers affecting the high voltage wiring harness are overheating or combustion, and the harsh environment on the wiring harness and shielding performance, the risk of water and dust, etc. The development of new energy vehicles in China has made great progress, and all kinds of new energy vehicles have entered our daily life one after another. It mainly includes pure electric vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen engine vehicles, other new energy vehicles and so on. In new energy vehicles, whether hybrid models or pure eletric models, high voltage system as one of the core parts, its importance is self-evident. And the high voltage wire harness as a medium to connect the components of the high voltage system is also a great contribution. Due to the impact of the working environment and safety of the high voltage system, the high voltage wiring harness must improve its own capabilities, such as the following requirements for performance:

High Voltage Resistance: Rated voltage 600VAC/900VDC for passenger vehicles and 1000VAC/1500VDC for commercial vehicles.

High Current Resistance: According to the power flow of the high voltage system components, commonly used in 250A, some high-power motor can be used up to 400A.

High and Low Temperature Resistance: high temperature resistance grade is divided into 125℃, 150℃, 200℃, high temperature conventional selection of high temperature resistance 150℃ wire; Low temperature conventional selection of low temperature resistance -40℃ wire.


Shielding performance: Shielding high-voltage wires can reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio interference (RFI) on the vehicle system. The whole high voltage wire harness circuit is shielded. The high voltage wire harness shielding layer of the motor, controller and battery interfaces is connected to the battery motor controller housing through the plug-in isopcrimp structure, and then connected to the body by rail.

 Customized EV high voltage cables

But no matter what the form of new energy vehicles is, their common feature is the use of up to 300V~600V or even higher voltage platform, involving wiring, and they all have the same basic requirements, that is, safe transmission of high current and voltage under the electromagnetic interference protection system. The high-voltage cable is used to connect the high-voltage battery, inverter, air conditioning compressor, three-phase generator and motor, so as to achieve power transmission of electric energy. However, it should be noted that the high-voltage wiring harness of electric vehicles is not equivalent to the high-voltage power transmission cable in our daily life, but is only relative to the low-voltage system of conventional vehicles.


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