What is the terminal blocks? Nov 24, 2022

Terminal Blocks--What is it?

 terminal block


A recognized component of any engineer's connector toolbox, junction boxes have been used for years to provide semi-permanent, secure wire connections for a wide range of applications. A terminal block, also known as a connection terminal, terminal connector, or screw terminal, consists of a module housing and insulator that connects two or more wires together. Due to the semi-permanent nature of its connection, the terminal block helps simplify the on-site inspection and repair process. Although this is a relatively simple component, it is still beneficial to have a basic understanding of the terminal block and its specifications before choosing.



PCB mounts (wire to wire terminal blocks), Barrrier Strips, and feed-throughs are the three most common types of terminal blocks used in designs.


PCB mounts: also known as wire to board terminal block or European terminals

· installation: direct welding on the PCB

· configuration: single, double row and multiple levels

· to use: insert the bare wire to pole, then clip firmly fixed in the house


PCB Terminal block


Barrrier Strips: Used where vibration is required

· installation: tight type terminal, is used to accommodate a bare wire or wiring

· configuration: single, double row and multiple levels

· usage: insert the wires and screw down the screws


Barrrier Strips


Straight-through wiring terminal:

Used to create wire - to - wire connections

Configuration: Single, double, and multi-line

Usage: Insert two separate wires into opposite sides of the housing to join together


Terminal block


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