What is PVC Electrical Wire? Nov 30, 2022

PVC wire is currently used at home and abroad more of a kind of wire, PVC electrical wire is also known as Polyvinyl chloride wire. In many home decoration, factory circuit construction when we can see PVC wire cable. Years of development makes PVC wire itself has a good market position, as well as a good reputation. Of course, the most commendable thing is the continuous improvement of its production process.


PVC Wire


PVC wire refers to a tool made of conductor and outer insulation, which can transmit power and information well. Generally, this conductor is composed of one or more conductors.


PVC wire composition: General PVC wire is composed of outsourcing layer and wire (copper wire)


PV wire processing process and matters needing attention

Because the composition of the wire is relatively simple, it is mainly composed of insulated outer cover and internal wire. Therefore, in the process of processing, the first is from the production of conductors. Different uses of wire internal conductor number is not the same, generally according to the use of wire conductor processing, in order to determine the number of conductors. If it is a wire with multiple conductors, pay attention to the tightness between the conductors during production, so as not to hinder the next operation, but also to ensure the safety of the use of the wire. When the conductor is processed well, it is necessary to play the processing technology of the outer layer of insulation. In the outer layer of the question, the outer layer of insulation is added layer by layer. Colleagues should decide the thickness of the outer layer of the wire according to the use place of the wire.


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