What is an electric car charging gun? Jul 28, 2022

Electric vehicle charging guns are mainly used for charging electric vehicles. The Newest product of Aichie Tech Electronics Co Ltd portable electric vehicle charging rush, provides customers with high-quality and a large number of EV charging adapters in stock.

 EV charging cable

The charging gun acts as the interface between the charging device and the rechargeable battery of the electric vehicle. Countries around the world have stipulated standards. All charging piles and electric vehicle manufacturers must abide by it to ensure the consistency of the connection between the pile and the gun.

The charging gun is divided into 7 joints (AC pile) and 9 joints (DC pile), each of which represents a different power supply or control signal, and the specific standards are stipulated. China standard GB/T, N.America and Japan standard J1772 (Type 1), EU and the rest of markets standard Mennekes (Type 2).


AC EV Charger Plug with Cable


The core component of the portable EV car charging gun is the control box. Although it may seem inconspicuous, there are actually core technologies in the control box. There are several invention patents involved. Therefore, when consumers buy car charging guns, they can't just look at the price of car charging guns, and they can't be bought if they are too cheap.

New energy vehicle charging guns, all brands of car charging guns are required to have protection devices such as overvoltage and undervoltage protection, lightning protection, output short circuit protection, leakage protection and overcurrent protection, and there are leakage protectors inside. In case of leakage, it will trip in time to protect the personal safety of customers.


Design principle of electric vehicle charging gun

Household AC slow charging is based on the existing residential power supply system, using a charger with a power level of 5-10kW (in fact, it is an AC to DC, and the output voltage may not be low), converts it into DC, and charges the battery in the car.

 ProtableEV Charging Gun

Precautions for use:

Taking advantage of the low electricity consumption as much as possible can reduce the impact on the power grid, and can also reduce the cost of users through the discount of peak and valley electricity prices: this can be solved by a timer;

The power should not be too large, and the charging speed should not be fast. 5-8 hours is enough. Consider the affordability of residential wires.

The charging gun not only connects the electric vehicle and the charging pile, but also binds the safety of the user when charging. As an excellent charging gun company, it must not only make the charging performance good, but also make the charging gun that is absolutely safe.

In terms of materials, the charging gun must not only be safe and waterproof, but also durable, but also have excellent insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance and other properties. Before being put into production, it must undergo continuous testing and all properties can be put into use. 

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