Solar Photovoltaic connectors and photovoltaic connecting wires Jul 26, 2022

Photovoltaic connectors and photovoltaic connecting wires are used in solar applications to connect solar panels together in the form of arrays. They provide compatibility between power interfaces for different manufacturers. The important characteristics of solar panel wire connector are its easy installation, high current carrying capacity and stability under extreme environmental conditions. Since solar panels operate under exposed extreme conditions, all solar connector accessories and components must be able to resist the destructive environmental impact caused by solar radiation, moisture and dust entry. The solar panel connector has built-in UV protection function. As long as it meets all wire gauge specifications, it has strong tightness.

Solar PV Connector

The solar panel connectors produced and sold by Aichie Tech Electronics Co Ltd. are CE certified, with strong waterproof IP67 and UV protection functions.


Since solar panels are usually combined in a parallel configuration in a low-voltage (12V) system, they must be able to handle high currents. Solar panel wire connectors must have low contact resistance to reduce power loss and associated voltage drop. Solar panels can also be configured in series for high-voltage systems. High voltage requires insulation to prevent electric shock. High current requires insulation to prevent arcing in case of accidental short circuit of conductors.

MC4 Connector

Historically, solar panel connector types have been manufacturer specific. The easy-to-use telephone jack connector has affected the final development of the "universal" connector - MC4. These can be described as all-weather sealed telephone jacks with locking function. Their specification rating shall be at least 20a and 600V isolation. H4 connector can also provide similar specifications, which can interoperate with MC4, but cross fit is not UL approved connection.

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