Cable shielding in the high voltage cable assembly Feb 21, 2023

Cable shielding in the high voltage cable assembly

The shielding performance of the high-voltage cable harness is very important. The shielding performance of the connector in the wiring harness we have analyzed in detail in the high -pressure connector of the car, and the shielding of the cable is more complicated. The central conductor part of the cable is currently selected as a conductor material. The conductor material is often covered with many layers of shielding and insulating layers. The most close -to -cable conductor part is the internal insulation layer. A layer of woven shielding layer will be added to the internal insulation layer. The woven shield has a foil shielding layer. The composition.


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The cable shielding design in the high voltage cable is easy to encounter is the deformation of the cable. The deformation will severely interfere with the pressure of the connector and the cable, bringing a lot of hidden dangers. The rigid protective cover on the high voltage cable can reduce the damage caused by the collision of the vehicle. The protective layer is usually woven by tin -plated copper, durable and difficult to cut. However, some cable manufacturers and automobile manufacturers are now trying to use the high voltage cables to be shielded to simplify the structure of the entire wiring harness system, reduce costs, reduce the weight of the vehicle, and reduce the technological difficulty of high voltage cables. The cable cutting and weaving shielding process can easily damage the underlying insulation, causing short circuit, electrical interference and other electrical hazards.

However, the premise of removing the shielding of the wiring harness is that it does not reduce the high pressure EMC performance of the vehicle, that is, other high pressure components enhance the ability of anti -interference or inhibit electromagnetic interference in order to consider removing the shielding of the cable.


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