What is auto wiring harness cable assembly? Feb 27, 2023

Is it auto wire harness?

The auto wire harness is the network main body of the automotive circuit, and there is no car circuit without wire harnesses. The cable assembly refers to the connection between the contact parts (connectors) and the wire and cable that is made of copper materials, and then plastic the insulator or the metal housing on the outside to form a component of the connection circuit with a wire bundle. The wiring industry chain includes wires and cables, connectors, processing equipment, wiring harness manufacturing and downstream application industries. Wire harness applications are very wide.It can be used in automotive, home appliances, computers and communication equipment, and various electronic instruments. The entire auto wire harness is connected to the entire body of the car, and the general shape is “H”.

auto wiring harness 


Composition of Auto Wiring Harness

The automotive cable assembly is composed of wires, terminals, connectors,  and other parts.


1. Wire & Cable

The wire is the main component of the wiring harness. It is usually called a wire, which is the main part of the wiring harness. The role is mainly the current required to carry the load. The important parameter of the wire is the flow capacity, and the load capacity of the wire is affected by the wire diameter (the cross -sectional area of the wire conductor), the length of the wire, the resistivity of the conductor, and the ambient temperature.

ev cable assembly 

2. Connector



The connector is an indispensable component connecting the wire harness to other electrical devices. It is divided into a wire harness connector and an electrical connector.


We often hear the male connector and the female connector. Among them, the connector where the male terminal is located is called a male connector, and the connector where the female terminal is located is called a female connector. Our cable assembly is usually the female connector.

waterproof connector 

The connector can be divided into: waterproof type, non -waterproof type two. At the beginning of the design, the PIN needle of different widths is selected according to each PIN needle, and a different width of the PIN needle is selected, and the cavity chamber that can form a different PIN needle on the connection plug -in to form a Housing that is multiple PIN.


(1)Connector Position Assurance

(2)(2) Waterproof sealing component

(3)Terminal Position Assurance

3. Wire harness bandage material


The main function of the wiring bandage is to protect the cable assembly. According to the different materials of the bandaging objects, the types of bandags mainly include ripples, PVC tapes, cloth tape, velvet tape, sponge tape, and aluminum foil tape.


Due to the different materials, the characteristics of different bandaging materials are also inconsistent. Accordingly, the application conditions and methods on the cable assembly are not consistent. The specific use environment and its abrasion resistance and heat resistance should be based on the specific use of the wiring harness.

auto cable assembly 

4. Wire harness fixed component


Different from other parts on other cars, the wiring harness is flexible parts, and the wire harness cannot be transported according to the established shape. Therefore, in order to restrain the layout path of the wire harness on the entire vehicle, additional parts need to be fixed. These additional parts are fixed components of the wiring beam, which plays a role in fixed wire harnesses and constraints beam layout paths.


The wire harness fixed objects include: tie, buckle, rubber cover, wiring bracket stand, etc. According to the different installation environment of the wiring harness, such as wire harness installation space, temperature requirements, waterproof requirements, the shape and form of each wiring harness fixed object, the form and the shape and the form of each wiring harness fixed object. The materials are not consistent. Even so, the wiring harness fixation has shown a standardized trend, and it is also one of the easier to implement the components.


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