The main specifications and performance requirements of the car wiring harness Feb 27, 2023

The main specifications and performance requirements of the auto wiring harness


1. The cross -sectional area of the wire

Select the cross-area of the wire according to the load current of the electrical equipment. The general principle is that the electrical equipment that works for a long time can choose a wire with a actual load of 60%. The actual load volume of the actual load can be used for a short time. The wires between them; at the same time, the voltage drop and wire thermal heating in the circuit should also be considered, so as not to affect the electrical performance of the electrical equipment and the allowable temperature of the wires; in order to ensure a certain mechanical strength, the general low -voltage wire section area is not less than 1.0mm²

auto wiring harness 



2. The color of the wire

There are color and number characteristics on the car circuit. With the increase of automotive power equipment, the number of wires is also increasing. In order to facilitate identification and maintenance of automotive electrical equipment, the low -voltag wires in the automotive circuit are usually composed of different colors. 

The color code of the wire is usually marked on the car circuit diagram (represented by one or two letters). The color of the car on the car is generally different, and the commonly used principles: monochrome and two -color selection principles. Such as: red (R), black (b), white (w), green (g), yellow (y), black and white (BW), red and yellow (Ry). The first one in the two -color wire is the main color, and the latter is auxiliary color.


3. The physical performance of the wire

(1) Winding performance, the wires between the door and the body should be composed of a wire with good winding performance.

(2) High temperature resistance, wires used at high temperatures, generally use insulation and heat -resistant wires with good thermal chloride and polyethylene coverage.

(3) Shielding performance. In recent years, the electromagnetic shielding wires used in weak signal circuits have also increased.


4. The bandage of the wire harness

(1) The cable semi -overlap bandage method, paint the insulation paint and dry it to increase the intensity and insulation performance of the cable.

(2) New type of wire harness. After local plastic bandaging, put into the plastic ripple tube of the side incision to make its strength higher, better protection performance, and more convenient to find wire faults.


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