How is the wire harness assembled? Feb 27, 2023

The production process of the cable assembly & wiring harness


The first process of wire production is the tailoring process. The accuracy of the tailoring process is directly related to the entire production progress. Once an error occurs, especially the short -wire size, it will cause the rework of all stations, and the time -consuming effort will affect production efficiency. Therefore, in the preparation of the tailoring process, it is necessary to reasonably determine the wire size of the wire according to the requirements of the drawing, and the size of the exterior is stripped.

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The second process after the tailoring wire cables is the crimp terminal process, determine the crimp parameters according to the terminal type requirements of the drawing, and make the crimp terminal operation manual. For special requirements, it is necessary to indicate and train the operator on the process documents. For example: Some wires need to be passed through the sheath first before crimping.There is also a dedicated crimp tool for the IDC connector, which has good electrical contact performance.



Then there is the pre -installation process. First of all, the pre -installed process operation manual must be prepared. In order to improve the total assembly efficiency, the complex wire harness must be set up to install the pre -installation process. The reasonable installation process directly affects the efficiency of the total assembly also reflects the technical level of a craftsman. If some pre -installed parts of the assembly or the unreasonable routing path of the assembly will increase the workload of the total assembly personnel and slow down the speed of the assembly of the wire harness, so the craftsman should always be summarized at the scene.


The last step is the assembly process. The assembly panels designed by the product development department, designing work equipment, materials box specifications, and the number of all predatables and accessories are attached to the material box to improve the assembly efficiency. Prepare the contents and requirements of each station assembly to balance the entire assembly station to prevent the workload from excessive workload and reduce the speed of the entire assembly progress.

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