What is the function of OBD Connector and OBD Cable Assembly? Mar 10, 2023

The full name of OBD is On Board Diagnostics

The purpose of the OBD plug is to monitor whether the exhaust is over the limit by the running condition of the engine. Since then, the system has become more and more useful, basically monitoring emissions-related components in real time and sending that information to the driving computer to determine whether the vehicle is working properly.

 OBD II Cable Assembly

If abnormal work is found, the specific fault is identified according to a specific algorithm and stored in the system memory in the form of a diagnostic fault code (DTC). Maintenance personnel can use the special instrument of the original factory to read the fault code, so that the fault can be quickly located, so as to facilitate the repair of the vehicle and reduce the time of manual diagnosis.


At present, with a large number of intelligent devices on board, the application scenarios of OBD connector have been infinitely enlarged. Not only professional maintenance and detection personnel can use it, but also ordinary car owners can conduct data interaction with cars through OBD wiring harness.

OBD Connector

The initial OBD system was not compatible with each other in models of different brands, and there was no self-check function, so the popularity of OBD cable assembly was not that high at that time. Later, in order to unify the standard, the American Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) formulated OBD-II standard in 1988, and all vehicles entering the market were required to set OBDs according to the new standard.

The design and implementation of OBD-II have very strict emission targets. When the emission of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, exceeds the set standard, the car's internal fault light will be lit to alarm.


What is OBD Cable Assembly?

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