Copper HV cable VS aluminum cable in the high voltage cable Assemblies System Feb 21, 2023

ith the rapid development of new energy electric vehicles, electric vehicles will gradually replace fuel vehicles. However, the electric vehicle high voltage cable system has put forward various technologies and performance requirements for it because of connecting high voltage batteries, inverters, motors and other components. Of course, the demand for cables in the high voltage cable assembly is also different than that of traditional car cables. This blog will discuss whether the cables in the high voltage cable assembly can be replaced by a lower cost aluminum cable instead of copper high voltage cables.


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Copper HV cable VS aluminum cable in the high voltage cable Assemblies System

In order to reduce costs and reduce the weight of the entire vehicle, the wiring began to shield the shielding layer, so the cable raw materials that affect the weight of the vehicle have also begun to change. Copper is the main cable raw material of the traditional high voltagecable assembly. Basically, all manufacturers have chosen copper wires by default to make high voltage cable assembly.

The lightweight trend of electric vehicles has driven the production and development of new material wiring harness. At present, it is more recognized to use aluminum instead of copper. The cost of aluminum is lower, and the Soviet Union is nearly 40% lower than copper, but its weight is only 30% of copper. At present, the price of aluminum beams on the market is generally only about 75% of copper wire harness. Aluminum -based high pressure cables have some applications in the market, but the challenges are not small.

The gap between conductivity makes aluminum -based high voltage cable assembly to reach the level of copper high voltage cable assembly, which needs to increase the size of the cable, which is a challenge for the capacity of the electric vehicle space. Another problem is oxidation. Aluminum materials are easy to generate alumina for aluminum to greatly increase the wires on the surface of the connector to contact the connector. The materials that are prone to oxidation have higher requirements on the pressure connection. The cable assembly is perfectly replaced by the copper high voltage cable, and the replacement process is not as smooth as imagined. It takes a longer time to complete this change.


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High Voltage Cable Assembly-The Main Wire harness in the New Energy Vehicle Cable Assembly

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