High Voltage Cable Assembly-The Main Wire harness in the New Energy Vehicle Cable Assembly Feb 21, 2023

The classification of automotive wiring harness can be divided into two types: low voltage wire harness and high voltage wire harness. Traditional fuel vehicles mainly use low voltage wiring harness. With the development of electric vehicles, the automotive industry is accelerating the innovation of data connection and electrification;

The high voltage cable assembly system composed of high voltage cables and high voltage connectors has developed rapidly with the development of electric vehicles.


 EV cable assembly


High voltage EV cable assembly of electric vehicles

High voltage ev cable assembly is composed of wire cable, terminal, connector and shielding layer cover. It is the main transmission carrier in the high voltage system of the electric vehicle. Although the number of high voltage wiring harness is not large, the requirements for the electrical properties and physical characteristics of the process and materials are far away of the low voltage auto wiring harness, which is very strict. The thick cable diameter, high voltage, thick insulation, heat resistance high is the characteristics of high voltage ev cable assembly.

The thick cable diameter is classified according to the size of the cable. It is a cable greater than 10mm2 (6AWG). Such cables have a lot of challenges in wiring, shielding, cost, and security. There are a lot of details and requirements for wiring. For example, as far as the principle of nearby, use as little as possible to complete the direction layout to meet the needs of high voltage electrical design and meet the purpose of reducing costs and weight reduction in the vehicle.

This part of high voltage is a topic of old -fashioned talks. When the high voltage system works, the discharge current reaches dozens of safety, even as high as hundreds of safety. The high voltage is slightly poor and the pool is too light, and the high temperature or combustion accident occurs. The threshold of the wire harness system under high voltage requirements will be much higher than other scenarios in terms of cost and technology.

At present, the high voltage ev wiring harness on electric vehicles are mainly used to connect high voltage boxes and DC/DC, vehicle charging engine, air conditioning compressor, air conditioning PTC and other equipment. According to EVWIRE data, the an average of about $780 dollars in an ASP of the electric car cable, of which the ASP of the high voltage cable assembly is about $380 USD.


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