BUSBAR-How to design and selection? Feb 15, 2023

The BUSBAR design selection is not only as simple as considering the ability of overcurrent.

Usually when designing a battery, the most considers is busbar, paying attention to its overcurrent ability and heat.


How do we judge when doing busbar design?

It is a very important point to be warming. If we simply say how wide, how many layers thick, and how much the cross -sectional area, and then check a table, a current is worth it, which is a simpler way.


In the process of application, This is not a problem that exists alone; it is a systematic problem. When charging and discharge at a large magnification current, problems involve the chemical resistance of the battery cell, the resistance value of the battery pole ear, and the welding process.


BUSBAR's special shape, insufficient overcurrent battery column, or BMS voltage collection position selection correctly.

In particular, there is an alien BUSBAR. The choice of voltage collection points is very critical. If the voltage collection location is wrong, the same equal to the busbar design is unreasonable. This is needed in the design process.



The unreasonable collection of the voltage of the constant current circuit for high -power power output will affect the normal operation of the power supply or the unstable charging current.

The position of the battery system voltage collection position is not uniform, and the voltage difference between battery static and working is too large. The collecting voltage is not the real voltage of the battery, which causes the battery to not be fully charged or the remaining power of the battery cannot be released.


The data collection line of the battery management system (BMS) is connected to the busbar, and the battery is protected by the detected data.


Related information from the collected voltage conversion:

Battery status: including SOC, SOE, SOH, SOF.

SOC: State of CHARGE, which can be understood as a percentage of battery remaining power;

SOE: State of Energy, which can be understood as battery remaining power, or for the entire vehicle, the remaining mileage;

SOH: State of Health, battery health, which can be understood as percentage of the current capacity of the battery and factory capacity;

SOF: State of Function, the functional state of the battery can be understood as a parameter in the control strategy.


Battery consistency control: BMS collecting single voltage information, using a balanced method to make the battery reach consistency, the balanced method of the battery is scattered and non -scattered;

Information storage: BMS requires storage key data such as SOC, SOH, charging and discharging time, failure code, etc.


SOC abnormalities, SOC changes greatly during the system work, or repeatedly jump between several values.

In the system charging and discharge, SOC has a large deviation.

SOC has always showed that the fixed value is unchanged.

BSU voltage collection is not allowed.

The battery cannot be full.

SOC, SOE, SOH, SOF is not allowed.


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