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The component "BUSBAR" occupied an important position in the new energy (EV) power distribution system.


BUSBAR is a multi -layer composite structure connection row, which is also called composite parent row, which can be regarded as a highway for power distribution systems. Compared with the traditional, bulky, time -consuming, and troublesome wiring method, Busbar has the characteristics of easy design, low impedance, anti -interference, good reliability, space saving, simple and fast assembly, etc.


The role of BUSBAR is mainly to realize the electrical connection between the cell and the battery cell, thereby constitute the required string and parallel relationship. On the other hand, because the busbar itself is directly connected to the battery cell, it can also be used as the sampling point of the battery voltage and temperature. At present, the following is a typical representative module connected to the three batteries. From left to right, BMW i3, Chevy Volt, Tesla Model 3

copper busbar 

The following modules are representative modules exhibited publicly during the CES exhibition.

Electrical Busbar 

From the figure we can see that busbar is arranged on the wiring harness isolation board, and the two extended feet of BUSBAR have voltage and temperature collecting, and the two are welded through laser and then protected. The aluminum material is welded through the laser and the battery output pole, which is welded with the same type of material. The welding is more reliable and the connection resistance is small.


It can be seen from the figure that the soft connector copper busbar is used here. There are several considerations to adopt a soft busbar connection. One is the expansion power of the ternary cell. During the continuous filling of the battery cell, due to the chemical reaction inside the battery cell, the thickness of the battery cells will become larger, which will be manifested as two to two. The side expansion, at this time, the battery column will change with the change of expansion. If the busbar does not have a certain amount of ductability, then the battery cells may be pulled and cracking, causing safety problems such as leakage;


      In addition, BUSBAR generally connects to laser welding. Using soft busbar can use its own ductility to ensure the consistency of the height of the cells, and the excellent performance of the welding has been guaranteed.


Therefore, allowing BUSBAR to have a certain amount of ductility, which can not only deal with the risk of pulling battery pillars caused by the swelling of the battery, but also to cope with the height of the battery cell.


Aichie has always adhered to the service concept of "quick response,exceeding expectation", relying on the complete and flexible supporting industry chain, has excellent production and processing technology and advanced detection methods, and can provide users with different types of busbar elements. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you friendly, work together to solve the challenges facing actual work.

soft copper busbar



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