How to distinguish between EU and US power cables? Dec 30, 2022

1. The voltage environment used is different. Eur-gauge power cords are used at 220V, while American gauge power cable usually work at 110V.

2. The core section of the US standard power cord is thicker than that of the European standard power cord. According to P=UI(P is the power, U is the voltage, and I is the current), the current passing through is higher because the working voltage of the gauge power cable is lower.



For example:

H05V-U is the European coordination (has the meaning of consistency) standard wire,H meaning is the European unified model of the English word of the first letter meaning,05 means 300/500V, only a V means insulation for PVC material (70 degrees), if there are two V, is the sheath material for PVC.- without any meaning,U means a single conductor SJT is the American wire specification with UL62 as the standard,SJ=Service Junior, which means small service,T=Thermoplastic. That is to say, it is not a separate wire, but a small cable that "serves" other electrical products.


3. The representation of specifications is different. The specifications of European power cables are expressed as follows: number of wires x conductor cross-sectional area, for example, 3x0.75mm². The specifications of American power cables are usually expressed as AWG, for example, 3/C 18AWG.


About the square number and wire specifications, the general European standard, including our standard, wire specifications usually with 0.5\0.75\1.0\1.5\2.5\4\6\10 and other specifications to say, even if exceeded, also just say relatively small that specification, of course, there are other square number, but very little, in North America usually to AWG specification to express conductor,18 The AWG is just 0.84MM^2

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