• what is the sheathed wire?
    what is the sheathed wire? Sep 21, 2022
      1. what is the sheathed wire? The sheathed wire can be understood as two or three parallel BV wires (here refers to the BVV sheath wire), BV wires originally have insulation rubber, in three or two parallel BV wires and then coated with a layer of rubber, this layer of rubber is the sheathed wire. Sheath wire is also a common household wire, usually consisting of three or two cores. &n...
  • What is solar cable called?
    What is solar cable called? Mar 21, 2023
    Solar cables, also known as photovoltaic cables or photovoltaic wires, are single-core wires used to interconnect solar panels in a photovoltaic system. Photovoltaic systems, or solar panels, capture sunlight in order to generate electricity through an energy conversion process. Electricity is generated on the panel, and wiring is needed to transmit it back to the collection point or device. Solar...
  • What are the dangers of using unqualified wires and cables?
    What are the dangers of using unqualified wires and cables? Mar 23, 2023
    Hazard of unqualified wire and cable Wire and cable is used to transmit power, transmit information and realize the electromagnetic energy conversion of a class of electrical products. In the process of spot check, found a large number of unqualified products, these inferior products to the normal operation of the power system buried many hidden dangers. 1, mark unqualified wire and cable. Mark is...

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