what is the sheathed wire? Sep 21, 2022

sheath wire


1. what is the sheathed wire?

The sheathed wire can be understood as two or three parallel BV wires (here refers to the BVV sheath wire), BV wires originally have insulation rubber, in three or two parallel BV wires and then coated with a layer of rubber, this layer of rubber is the sheathed wire. Sheath wire is also a common household wire, usually consisting of three or two cores.


2. what are the types of sheathed wire cable?

From the material, the sheath wire can be divided into soft sheath (RVV) and hard sheath (BVV). Soft sheath is a commonly used type in instrument and electrical system. The number of core wires inside is variable, and there is PVC sheath outside, and there is no special requirement for the arrangement of core wires. Hard SHEATH wire can be used for power plant, instrument, telecommunication equipment and household electrical appliances AC voltage of 450/750V and below the use of cables and wires, but also used for plain wiring.


3. what are the uses of the sheathed wire?

Because of the decoration of the family now, wire pipe is generally used, and then three copper wires (live wire, zero wire, ground wire) are laid through the wire pipe. But the sheath wire is much safer than the ordinary wire, so now in the construction field home decoration is still used more.

Sheathed wire is the power cable used before, before home decoration, with sheathed wire as lighting and power cable; It can be embedded directly in the wall or fixed to the wall. The advantage of it is that it can eliminate the threading pipe or the threading groove, replaced by a layer of outer sheath insulation, convenient laying, fast, beautiful appearance, safe use, is the choice of connecting household mobile plug board, refrigerator or air conditioning and other electrical appliances.


4. the difference between sheathed wire and cable

Sheathed wire is two or three BV in the parallel wires, generally with insulation performance, convenient set of also is a kind of household electrical wiring, but for the cable is usually composed of several or several groups of wire/each group of at least two twisted into a similar cable rope, between each group of conductor insulation, twist and often revolve around a center, the bread has a highly insulating layer. Set up in the air or installed in the underground, underwater, used for telecommunications or power transmission.


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