Where are the applications of DB9? Sep 14, 2022

Where are the applications of DB9?

 DB9 Cable

The DB9 connector and DB9 cable are mainly used for communication, network, and video. The specific contents are as follows:


1. Communication interface/connection


One of the most widespread uses of D-sub is for RS-232 serial communication. Although this standard is not currently mandated, it has been accepted by the industry. The RS-232 device initially uses the DB25, but for many applications, more unusual signals are omitted, allowing the use of DB9 female and male connectors. Many uninterruptible power units are equipped with DB9 connectors and cables to signal the computer through the RS-232 interface.

 DB9 Connector

2. Network port


The DB9 connector and DB9 Cable Assembly is used in some computer networks. DB9 connectors are typically used for CAN: the DB9 female connector is located on the bus, while the DB9 male connector is located on the device


3. Computer video output, game controller port


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 DB9 Male Female Connector


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