• What is the DB9 Connector?
    What is the DB9 Connector? Aug 26, 2022
    What is a DB9 connector?   The term "DB9" refers to a common connector type, one of the D-subminiature or D-sub types. The DB9's D-Subminiature connector will have the smallest "footprint," with nine pins (for male connectors) or nine holes (for female connectors).   Where is the DB9 connector used? DB9 connectors were once common on PCS and servers. The DB9 connector is designed to comp...
  • Where are the applications of DB9?
    Where are the applications of DB9? Sep 14, 2022
    Where are the applications of DB9?   The DB9 connector and DB9 cable are mainly used for communication, network, and video. The specific contents are as follows:   1. Communication interface/connection   One of the most widespread uses of D-sub is for RS-232 serial communication. Although this standard is not currently mandated, it has been accepted by the industry. The RS-232 devic...

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