What is solar cable called? Mar 21, 2023

Solar cables, also known as photovoltaic cables or photovoltaic wires, are single-core wires used to interconnect solar panels in a photovoltaic system. Photovoltaic systems, or solar panels, capture sunlight in order to generate electricity through an energy conversion process. Electricity is generated on the panel, and wiring is needed to transmit it back to the collection point or device. Solar wires are a specific type of wire created for photovoltaic applications.


photovoltaic cables are originally designed as single conductors, similar in structure to Type UF (underground feeder) or Type USE-2 (underground service inlet wire rated for 90°C wet applications). However, because some solar applications are so large, the amount of electricity they generate is considered utility-scale. Such power requires a large conductor, often called a collector cable, which is addressed by increasing the size of the UL listed photovoltaic wire cables now under the UL Theme 4703 revision.


The new voltage ratings allowed in UL subject 4703 can now accommodate voltages greater than 1,000 volts. By connecting the DC generating plates in series, it is possible to raise the voltage throughout the array to quite high levels, which is the reason for the higher voltage.


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