What are the technical requirements for electric vehicle high voltage wiring harness? Mar 19, 2023

High voltage wiring harness technical requirements for electric vehicles

1. Dimensions, specifications, test methods and requirements for copper conductor cables and QC/T 1037-2016 high voltage cables for road vehicles.

2. Power line with plug-in adopts orange (RAL2010) insulation line specification;

3. Power cable requirements:

1) Conductor: stranded copper conductor (copper wire with diameter of 0.15mm);

2) Resistance voltage: 3000V (AC/50Hz) voltage platform for 5min, no flashover or breakdown; Tear strength > 8MPa;

3) Operating temperature: (−40℃ ~ +150℃);

4) Minimum bending radius requirements: cable laying: 4 x cable diameter;

5) Sheath: wear-resistant silicone rubber; The insulation layer is silicone rubber, which conforms to ISO 6722; Insulation detection requirements: Insulation resistance ≥500MΩ, without shielding cable core insulation and outer sheath; Detection of shielded cables :a. Insulation between core and outer sheath; b. Insulation of wire core and shielding layer; Flame retardant in line with IEC60332-1, oil resistance in line with ISO 6722;

4. The high voltage cable shall be covered by bellows. For specific requirements, see Technical requirements 5, 6, 7;

5. bellows orange (RAL2010), temperature range: (-40℃ ~ 125℃), flame retardant grade V-0;

6. All bellows are closed bellows (open bellows can be used if the length is less than 300mm); The difference between the inner diameter of the bellows and the outer diameter of the cable is less than 5mm; Both ends of the open corrugated pipe and the middle are wrapped with PVC tape; Bellows inner diameter D requirements: line length ≤1.5m, D≤22mm; Line length > 1.5m, D≤25mm;

7. The voltage resistance between the inner and outer rubber covers of copper terminals and the outer rubber covers of cables is 2000V AC; Contact resistance on the terminal ≤3mΩ, terminal plug times > 500;

8. If the cable is shielded, perform the following operations:

1) There is no need to draw out the cable shielding layer: after the cable shielding layer is stripped, keep 10mm, fold the insulation tape backward and wrap it for 2-3 turns, bind and fix it, expose the braided wire without shielding, and plastic seal the heat shrink sleeve;

2) Separate shielding layer wire should be drawn out: the ground wire should be black soft copper wire ≥1.0mm², and the crimping position should be sealed with thermoplastic sleeve;

9. The wiring harness shall be free from scratches, displacement, detachment, dislocation and bending of the wiring harness. There shall be no broken wire or loose-wire phenomenon in all the crimping parts.

10. All materials meet the environmental requirements of "ROHS";

11. The unit in the drawing of power wire harness is unified: mm (mm), and the tolerance requirements are as follows:


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