• What is FFC Cable?
    What is FFC Cable? Oct 26, 2022
    FFC cable (Data transmission cable) FFC cable is also known as flexible Flat cable (FFC). The number and spacing of wires can be selected arbitrarily to make the wiring more convenient, greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. It is most suitable for data transmission cable between moving parts and motherboard, PCB board...
  • What is the coaxial cable?
    What is the coaxial cable? Oct 25, 2022
    Audio coaxial cable: cable used for transmission of audio and audio signals   The Audio Coaxial Cable audio InterFace, standard SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital InterFace), is jointly developed by SONY and Philips Corporation. The coaxial mark on the back plane of the audio-visual equipment is coaxial, which mainly provides the transmission of digital audio signals.   Coaxial audio interface ...
  • What is an Anderson plug?
    What is an Anderson plug? Oct 25, 2022
    What does an Anderson plug do? Anderson plugs are increasingly being used by owners of campervans and caravans to charge auxiliary batteries while they are driving and to power electrical accessories while they are camping.     They allow the vehicle battery to power the trailer or trailer's electronic stability control system and can be used as an alternative to the 12-volt power supply...
  • What is flat ribbon cable?
    What is flat ribbon cable? Oct 13, 2022
    Ribbon cable (also known as multi wire flat cable) is a cable with many wires running in parallel on the same plane. Therefore, the cable is wide and flat. Its name comes from its similarity to a ribbon       Ribbon cables are usually used for internal and external devices of a computer, such as hard disk drives, CD drives, and floppy disk drives. In some older computer systems, suc...
  • What is twisted pair cable wire?
    What is twisted pair cable wire? Oct 13, 2022
    Twisted Pair (TP) Cable is the most commonly used transmission medium in comprehensive cabling engineering. It is composed of two copper wires with an insulating protective layer. When two insulated copper wires are twisted together at a certain density, the radio waves radiated by each wire during transmission will be cancelled out by the radio waves emitted by the other wire, effective...
  • What is car engine wire harness?
    What is car engine wire harness? Sep 27, 2022
    An car engine wire harness is an organized set of wires, cables, connectors, and terminals that control an automobile's electrical system. Engine wiring harnesses transmit power and control information to peripheral components such as: Alternating current generator Audio system The battery The fan motor The computer nozzle The fuse Windshield wiper And every other electronic device you can find in...
  • Do all car stereos use the same audio wiring harness?
    Do all car stereos use the same audio wiring harness? Sep 27, 2022
    All aftermarket car stereos can use the same car stereo wiring harness, but it all depends on what the owner wants to do for one major reason. The reason is that an aftermarket car stereo generally does not require a wiring harness to properly connect to other wires on the dashboard for the sound system to function properly. If you are not using the wiring harness from the aftermarket stereo syste...
  • What is the Difference Between a 4-Way and 7-Way Trailer Connector?
    What is the Difference Between a 4-Way and 7-Way Trailer Connector? Sep 27, 2022
    A 4-way trailer connector has basic lighting features; Running lights, left turn signals and brake lights, right turn signals and brake lights, and ground. A 7-way trailer connector has these functions and a 12-volt circuit, an electric trailer brake circuit (which requires a brake controller on board), and a reverse light or auxiliary power circuit.     Wiring diagram of 4-way trai...
  • What is the car light wire harness?
    What is the car light wire harness? Sep 21, 2022
    In the whole system of automotive wiring harness, the headlight wiring harness has been easy to ignore the topic, today let's discuss the classification of the headlight wiring harness.     The headlight wire harness is not a high-voltage wire harness, but a kind of low-voltage wire harness. Wiring harness is generally copper multi core flexible wire, a few specifications commonly used o...
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