What is a RF connector? Apr 25, 2023

What is a RF connector?


The radio frequency connector is defined as: a separate component that is usually installed on a RF cable assemblies or device for the electrical connection of the transmission system. It can be seen from this definition that it has the common characteristics of the "separated element" connection.

Taking the commonly used coaxial axis as an example, the main model of the coaxial axis is TEM wave; the electromagnetic wave transmitted by the same and vertical electric field and the magnetic field in the space is derived from the space. The electromagnetic field is dual -phenomenon.

Electromagnetic waves are moved by the same phase and perpendicular electric field and magnetic field in the form of waves in the space. The electromagnetic wave direction, the direction of the magnetic field, and the direction of the propagation direction are vertical. The electromagnetic wave has no longitudinal component, which is a horizontal electromagnetic wave.

RF connector


Application of radio frequency coaxial connector

1. Communication, communication and network;

2. It is a traffic monitoring system;

3. It is medical machinery;

4. It is the connection of the instrument.

Selection of RF coaxial connector.

1. Interface mechanism type.

The connection mechanism of the connector not only provides convenient and fast connection or separation of coaxial transmission lines, but also provides stable electrical performance and environmental protection devices. When the connection nut does not rotate enough space in use, the non -reversing connection mechanism should be selected.

2. In terms of electrical performance.

Feature impedance, pressure resistance and maximum work efficiency.

3. It is the ending method.

The connector can be used for radio frequency coaxial cables, printing circuit boards, frame drawer function components and its connection interface. Before use, you must be familiar with the performance of the selected products and strictly use it in accordance with regulations. The overload is likely to cause a coaxial connector failure. When installing a cable connector, pay special attention. According to the assembly instructions provided by the supplier, the appropriate assembly tool should be used properly.

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