Application of ultrasonic welding in Auto wire harness production May 04, 2023

I. Ultrasonic welding principle: Ultrasonic wiring harness welding is a commonly used process of car wire welding. The principle is to re -combine the surface of the welding material through high frequency vibration. Ultrasonic welding energy consumption is low, no pollution, strong welding and low internal resistance, and does not change the chemical properties of welding parts. Welding conductive performance is excellent.


Ultrasonic welding cable assembly 

2. Compared with the traditional crimp connection point welding, the advantages of ultrasonic wire harness welding are as follows:

1. The welding time is short, the efficiency is greatly improved, and the energy saving is fast and energy saving;

2. Welding materials are not melted and not fragile conductive characteristics;

3. After welding, the conductivity is superior, the strength is high, and the resistance system is extremely low or almost zero;

4. No welded agent, gas, and solder are required;

5. Welding without sparks, smoke, environmental protection and safety;

6. The welding process is stable, and online detection control.

Third, the application of ultrasonic wire welding in the production process of automobile cable assembly production

Automobile wiring is the network main body of the automotive circuit, the neurons of the normal work of the car. There is no car circuit without wire harnesses. The traditional car wire harness refers to the connection between the contact parts (connectors) and the wire and cable that is made of copper materials, and then plasticine the insulator or the metal shell outside the outside.


Research on 1 terminal crimp connection process

The car cable with traditional crushing process is used to form an empty hole after anatomical amplification between the copper wire and the copper wire, between the copper wire and the end of the terminal wall [1]. The existence of these empty cavities will inevitably lead to the increase in resistance coefficients of the crimp connection part and decreased conductivity, which affects the quality of the transmission of current and signals, and then affects the normal work of other electrical and electronic equipment. At the same time, the quality defects caused by crimp connection during the production process [2] will definitely cause durability to reduce durability, and it will be susceptible to heat to generate high temperature, forming a hidden danger of wire burning damage.

2 Ultrasound crimp connection and terminal crimp connection process comparative analysis

The ultrasonic crimp connection is to transform the electro -frequency of 50/60 Hz through the transistor function equipment to 20 kHz or 40 kHz high -frequency electrical energy. The supply is supplied to the converter. The device is transmitted to the welding head of the high -frequency mechanical energy to the ultrasonic welding machine. The vibration is passed to the two metal surfaces that need to be welded through the welding head. The surface of the two metal surfaces is friction to form a thermal melting of the metal. Under a brief crimp, the melt can produce a strong molecular bond when the bonding surface is solidified. The fusion between the layers is close to the material of the welding intensity. The traditional terminal crimp connection is to simply physical squeeze on the U -shaped part of the metal terminal, and use the surface friction between the adjacent copper wires to ensure the connection between the wires and the terminal.


Custom wire harness 

In fact, whether it is a wire or terminal and wire that is used by ultrasonic crimp, it is rectangular at the crimp connection, and there is no loose core wire and a broken or cracked core wire. Moreover The place is straight from the wire. Ultrasonic welding is melting through the surface of adjacent metal to form a fusion between the metal molecular layer, which is equivalent to melting adjacent metals into a whole. Compared with the neighboring copper wire after the terminal is pressed, the welding part is still independent metal individual. The denseness is better, and there will be no empty hole. Good conductivity, extremely low or near zero resistance coefficient, effectively improved durability, not easy to heat, and no hidden dangers.


electrical wire harness 

3 Comparison analysis of ultrasonic crimp connection and terminal crimp connection

On the basis of the appearance comparison and cross -section analysis of the crimp connection, the wires of the two types of crimp -connected processes were tested and conductive and conductive performance testing was performed. The test selected 0.75mm2, 4.0 mm2, 16.0 mm2 wires for testing. Test methods and standards are based on the requirements of "QC/T29106-2004 Automobile Low-voltage Circuit Technology Conditions". The experiment shows:


A. Ultrasonic crimp connection and terminal crimp connection can meet the requirements of the use of use. However, due to the differences in the crimp connection process itself, the end of the terminal crimp connection often has empty cavities, the core wire leakage, and the damage of the insulating layer.

B. Ultrasonic crimp connection is much lower than the voltage of the terminal crimp. Therefore, it is much better for conductive performance and signal transmission performance than terminal crimp connections. There can be at least the following three aspects:

First, solve the empty hole formed by the terminal crimp, improve the electrical performance and the stability of the entire electrical system [3].

Second, reduce the heat accumulation caused by contact resistance [4], preventing the hidden danger of quality risks of the local temperature of the wire harness and the burning quality of the cable assembly.

Third, the wire harness is prevented from being affected by abnormal factors such as external water, dust, oil and gas and other adverse factors, causing copper wire rust and oxidation, which causes the conductive performance to decrease and signal transmission distortion.

Based on the above studies, the author believes that the wires with high signals or large currents, the crimp connecting between its terminals and wires, wires and wires, uses ultrasonic crimp connection. And can also improve the stability of the automotive electrical system.

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