How to solve the problem of warped wire harness tape? May 09, 2023

1. Substrate requirements:

  • No dirt
  • Grease/oil free
  • Dry

During use, the following products cannot be used:

  • Talcum powder
  • Silicone
  • Molding agent
  • hand cream

2. When the tape is pulled from the tape roll: Do not store the tape in the way shown below.


Do not touch the end of the tape with your fingers (with oil)!

 3. The spool of tape is rolled close to the wire harness, and the tape cannot be rolled too loosely (overlapping).


A tight, orderly substrate with three wraps at the end is a perfect state.


4. Don't stand too far away when cutting the tape.... Usually it should be cut very close to the wire loom.


5. Diagonal cutting is more suitable for assembling. When cutting the tape, it should be at a 45-degree angle. Key points: short and tight!


6. Taping The final step must be done with short, strong thumb pressure (index finger on left, thumb on right).


7. Never stick the end of the tape to the harness. wind three times before finally ending.

8. If you find that the edge of the tape is loose or stripped during use, please cut it off with scissors and continue to wrap the tape.


9. When the end of cable assembly is wrapped with a relatively thick tape, it needs to be matched with a PVC tape or PE tape.


10. The viscosity of the custom wire harness tape decreases - for example, the viscosity of the wire harness tape will decrease due to the influence of the temperature in winter. At this time, the tape should be stored in an incubator.



How to prepare a wiring harness with branches?

1. Start winding from the branch cable assembly and gradually progress to the main cable assemblies;

2. Wrap in the direction from the upper branch to the lower branch;


3. Place the two branch cables at the desired angle;


4. Wrap the tape again around the already taped lower branch plus the upper branch;

5. Then only wind the lower branch again;


6. Then wrap the two wires twice again, and then wrap the main wire harness, in case the diameter is found to be relatively large;


7. Wrap the upper branch again;

8. Begin wrapping the trunk wiring harness.


How to install bellows pipe of the auto wiring harness?

1. Wrap a small piece of wire harness and face the direction of the pipe entrance;

2. If it is too close to the pipe, you can use a tool to open a small slit;


3. Move the pipe across the glued section and place the tape into the seam;

4. Wrap a layer of tape on the pipe;


5. Then proceed to coil the wire harness.



In fact, the tape lifting has nothing to do with the unwinding force of the wire harness tape itself. It can only be said that the unwinding force of the wire harness tape can be seen from a certain aspect, which is a continuous control of the production quality of this tape.


The appearance of tape products can be distinguished by looking at his product process. The cut surface, that is, the section of the tape does not look so smooth, showing a deviation of 0.1mm. Another kind of slit product, his tape surface looks It is very flat and has a very good appearance. These two products will not affect the use of customers when they use them.



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