What is an electrical busbar? May 26, 2023

What is an electrical busbar?

Derived from the Latin word "omnibus", which translates as "for all" (as in "all currents in a particular system"), busbars are flat conductors that are becoming an integral part of the architecture of electric vehicles. Busbars are typically installed in switchgear, panel and busway enclosures for local high current distribution. They are also used to connect high-voltage equipment in electrical switchyards and low-voltage equipment in battery packs. Bus bar, groundable and conductive. Electrical busbars can be coated with various materials, such as copper, to provide different limits and variations in conductivity. Busbars come in many shapes and sizes, and they will determine the maximum amount of current a conductor can carry before it ages.


Today, there are as many as two dozen bus bars in a battery pack, and that number will increase as packs get larger and/or more powerful, while still keeping the space inside them very tight. Ultrasonic welding is the preferred joining process for bus bars in EV applications. However, since these more powerful batteries are only capable of fast charging, we'll soon see more innovations in busbars outside of the battery pack, delivering high power from the charging inlet to the battery to other high-mobility motors and devices, increasing the need for innovative ultrasonic porting applications.


Why Companies Prefer Electrical Busbars

In the long run, busbars are considered to be more popular than standard cables for some wiring harnesses in the automotive industry. Rising popularity of electric vehicles, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, low maintenance and service costs of vehicle buses, and development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles are some of the key factors behind the growth in demand for vehicle buses. Additionally, technological developments in electric vehicle manufacturing and charging infrastructure are expected to benefit the global automotive busbar market. According to market research, owing to these factors, the market is expected to generate over USD 170 million in revenue by 2023, at a CAGR of 24.6% during 2021-2030


Advantages of using bus bars:

  • Lower facility costs and faster installation
  • The ability to easily and quickly add, remove or relocate power supplies without the need for a shutdown body
  • Highly future-proof, as some plug-in units can be disconnected and reconnected without power interruption. no routine maintenance
  • Expansion or reconstruction is faster and cheaper
  • More environmentally friendly as it typically requires less installation material and is reusable and easily repositionable in a plug-in socket:
  • Flat conductors take up less space and are 70% shorter in height
  • Supports up to 15% more power than cables with the same cross-sectional area
  •  Lighter weight and packing space with better flexibility, for example, 160mm’ flexible flat aluminum (FF-Al) cable is an innovative alternative solution to 200mm2 round aluminum cable
  • Using bolts for fastening, the most reliable and cheapest process available today, but it adds an extra part (bolt) and requires a specific torque value

. Efficient heat dissipation - more effective than stranded wire

. Various constructions - copper and aluminum, rigid or flexible, laminated, see Figure 1

. Built-in battery without EMC

. Facilitate automation, improve safety and quality


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