One -stop customized service, see how the M8 / M12 cable assembly configuration is helpful for industrial "intelligent manufacturing" Apr 25, 2023


With the rapid development of Industry 4.0, the application scenarios of electrical connectors and sensors are increasing. As one of the key components of signal and data transmission, industrial cable assemblies also have strict requirements for signal transmission, on -site protection, and convenient installation. Accompanied by customers' demand for industrial cable assemblies, it is more and more diverse, the delivery cycle is longer, the communication cost is higher, and the low product compatibility has also become a common and always problems in the industry.



This article introduces the one -stop customized service tool developed for design engineers to quickly meet the needs of customized design needs for design engineers. A single -stop customized service greatly saves time and improves efficiency.



Quick selection time is shorter

High communication costs have become one of the problems that are difficult to solve in the industry. In the face of different products, multiple suppliers need to be communicated to choose from. It is often accompanied by the tedious and lengthy communication between the subsequent and the supplier. Not necessarily satisfied.


As an online digital tool that can quickly meet the needs of customized design, the M8 / M12 cable assembly  configuration supports multi -parameter selection and provides product 3D view function. Users can not only choose parameters such as application fields, industrial bus, wiring type and demand, cable characteristics, but also to view the product 3D model at multiple angles, detect product size in real time, and adjust on demand.


M12 waterproof cable


Efficient delivery in one step in place

Different from the previous selection tools, the M8 / M12 cable assembly configuration uses engineer user thinking at the beginning to fully meet the user's one -stop demand for accessories design, drawing, product quotation, and offline order. Customized services have greatly improved the efficiency of selection and inquiry. At the same time, there is no threshold setting for the order of the product, and the delivery time of the sample is greatly shortened, which further optimizes the user experience.

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