What is the difference between fast charging and slow charging for electric vehicles? May 29, 2023

The charging system can be divided into two methods: conventional charging and fast charging. From the perspective of appearance and size, the difference between the charging ports is actually very simple. The fast charging port is large and has 9 holes (two large holes, one middle hole, and 6 small holes). The slow charging port is small and has 7 holes (5 large holes and 2 small holes), so that even novice users will not make mistakes. Generally, the two charging ports are designed at the front and rear of the car respectively, and some models also design the two charging ports together, such as the front or the rear of the car. The owner can choose the charging method according to the charging time requirement.

EV Charger Connector


Quick Charge (Fast)

Fast charging is a DC charging method. The charging current is higher, which requires the construction of a fast charging station, which does not require the power battery to be fully charged, but only meets the needs of continuing driving. In this charging mode, only 50% to 80% of the power battery can be charged within 20 to 30 minutes. The ground charging pile (equipment) directly outputs DC power to charge the vehicle power battery, and the electric vehicle only needs to provide charging and related communication interfaces.


Advantages of fast charging:

The charging time is short, the charging vehicles flow quickly, and the parking lot area of the refueling station is saved.

Disadvantages of fast charging:

The manufacturing, installation and working costs of the charger are high; the charging current is large, which requires high charging technology and methods, which has a negative impact on the life of the power battery; it is easy to cause abnormalities in the power battery, which poses a safety hazard, and high-current charging will cause public A shock to the power grid will affect the power supply quality and safety of the power grid.


Normal charging (slow)

This charging mode is an AC charging method. The external power grid provides 220V civilian single-phase AC power to the electric vehicle on-board charger, and the on-board charger charges the power battery. It usually takes 5 to 8 hours to fully charge.


Advantages of normal charging:

The charging pile (charging box) is low in cost and easy to install; it can use the low valley power of the power grid to charge at night, reducing the charging cost; the charging current is small and the voltage is relatively stable during the charging period, which can ensure the safety of the power battery pack and prolong the use of the power battery life.

Disadvantages of ordinary charging:

The charging time is too long, and it is difficult to meet the needs of emergency operation of the vehicle.


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