What are the requirements for high-voltage connector pins? May 30, 2023

Connectors are used in every car. The device uses signals such as electricity and light to control the corresponding mechanical force to connect, disconnect, and convert, and then realizes a functional element of the corresponding circuit or optical channel conversion, and With the help of ECT electrical and optical signals, signal distortion and corresponding energy loss can be effectively prevented, thereby ensuring conversion efficiency. At the same time, the application of connectors in high-voltage connectors in new energy vehicles is mostly applied in their terminal applications, thereby improving the corresponding transmission sensitivity performance. At the same time, the advanced nature of the equipment will also affect the development level of automotive transmission technology.


EV Connector


As one of the core components, high-voltage connectors play a huge role and play an unparalleled value. They are used in the entire vehicle and charging facilities of new energy vehicles. The equipment is mainly composed of contacts, insulators, housings, accessories and other parts. Among these parts, the contact piece is its core.



Material, performance and structure requirements of contact parts

The structure of the contact

The overall structure of the connectors of new energy vehicles is not complicated. They are basically circular connectors with metal shells. With the development of various engineering materials in recent years, plastic connectors are also more common. However, the basic structure is basically the same, generally including two parts, pins and sockets, which are connected by insertion. In order to pursue its connection performance, the generally used pins basically use rigid pins and elastic jacks. Of course, for some contacts with special requirements, plating treatment is required, mostly silver-plated or gold-plated.


Performance of electrical connector contacts

There are three basic performances: electrical, mechanical, and environmental resistance. Among them, the former must meet the requirements of contact resistance, insulation withstand voltage, and insulation resistance, which is also the guarantee for reliable transmission of optical and electrical signals. In terms of mechanics, factors such as insertion force and mechanical life need to be considered. The overall life of most of this type of components is at most 50 times of plugging and unplugging.


Materials for electrical connector contacts

The selection of pin and socket materials must first ensure that they have high mechanical strength, and secondly, in order to prevent damage and loosening; the contact force must also be strong, and the socket material must also ensure that it has high elasticity. The fatigue resistance and processing and forming performance of the two need to be guaranteed. At present, most of the pin materials used are brass.


The contacts selected for high-voltage connectors for new energy vehicles need to work under relatively harsh working conditions, and the selection is a very cautious process. Under normal circumstances, Aichie Tech must first ensure the reliability of the application, and secondly, we need to consider related factors such as economy and craftsmanship, and make some choices according to the actual needs of Aichie customers. Of course, with the gradual maturity of this type of technology, the corresponding pursuit of performance in the future, the quality and performance requirements of the connector will gradually change, and high performance and low cost have become important development trends. This is also the ultimate pursuit of Aichie Techto provide customers with highly reliable wire harness solutions.



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