• What is the Difference Between a 4-Way and 7-Way Trailer Connector?
    What is the Difference Between a 4-Way and 7-Way Trailer Connector? Sep 27, 2022
    A 4-way trailer connector has basic lighting features; Running lights, left turn signals and brake lights, right turn signals and brake lights, and ground. A 7-way trailer connector has these functions and a 12-volt circuit, an electric trailer brake circuit (which requires a brake controller on board), and a reverse light or auxiliary power circuit.     Wiring diagram of 4-way trai...
  • What is an Anderson plug?
    What is an Anderson plug? Oct 25, 2022
    What does an Anderson plug do? Anderson plugs are increasingly being used by owners of campervans and caravans to charge auxiliary batteries while they are driving and to power electrical accessories while they are camping.     They allow the vehicle battery to power the trailer or trailer's electronic stability control system and can be used as an alternative to the 12-volt power supply...
  • Classification of Electric Vehicles Connectors Apr 24, 2023
    Unlike traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles often have high voltage and current platforms, so there are often a large number of high -voltage connectors on new energy vehicles. From the perspective of the connector itself, there are many classification types of ev connectors: For example, there are round, rectangular, etc. from the shape, and there are high -frequency and low frequencies i...
  • What are the requirements for high-voltage connector pins? May 30, 2023
    Connectors are used in every car. The device uses signals such as electricity and light to control the corresponding mechanical force to connect, disconnect, and convert, and then realizes a functional element of the corresponding circuit or optical channel conversion, and With the help of ECT electrical and optical signals, signal distortion and corresponding energy loss can be effectively preven...
  • What are the specifications for Anderson plug wiring harnesses?
    What are the specifications for Anderson plug wiring harnesses? Jun 21, 2023
    Anderson plug wire harness is mainly used for UPS power supply, 5G power supply, charger/pile, cleaning equipment, lithium battery, AGV intelligent carrier. So, what are the main types and characteristics of Anderson plug wiring harnesses? What should we pay attention to in the daily use process? Product category: 1, single-pole Anderson plug power harness: rated current 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 40...
  • What are the applications of Anderson plugs? Aug 03, 2023
    With the development of the new energy area, the variety is increasing, and the demand for applications is also increasing sharply. In line with the development of The Times, the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, Aichie Tech is vigorously engaged in the development and production of connectors in the field of new energy. In order to meet the increasing market needs, m...

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