What are the specifications for Anderson plug wiring harnesses? Jun 21, 2023

Anderson plug wire harness is mainly used for UPS power supply, 5G power supply, charger/pile, cleaning equipment, lithium battery, AGV intelligent carrier. So, what are the main types and characteristics of Anderson plug wiring harnesses? What should we pay attention to in the daily use process?

Product category:

1, single-pole Anderson plug power harness: rated current 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 45A optional, there are 18AWG/12AWG/10AWG single-core wire optional, the number of poles 1 core, the use of snap design, can be splicing at will, the same color can be connected to the jack.

2, bipolar Anderson plug power harness: rated current 50A, 55A, 75A optional, rated voltage 600V, pole number 2 core, connector regardless of male and female design, can only be inserted with the same color, different colors can not be inserted.

battery plug

Main features:

1, the use of eye-catching different color coding, connector interface is different, to prevent misinsertion;

2, metal terminal for copper silver plated, excellent electrical conductivity; Hardware shrapnel with positioning slot, can prevent the terminal from moving left and right, to ensure good contact;

3, accessories: handle + dust cover;

4, connector fire rating: UL94V-0

Precautions for use:

1. When inserting the pin into the jack of the connector, be sure to observe whether the lock is closed. When repairing the waterproof connector, pay special attention to not allowing oil and water to enter the inside of the connector, otherwise, it must be cleaned and dried before it can be reconnected.

2. Wiring harness and wire need to be properly tied:

(1) should be as far away from the moving parts as possible to prevent breaking and wear;

(2) Avoid hard folding and bending of wiring harness;

(3) Avoid friction with sharp metal edges;

(4) Try to stay away from oil and water;

(5) Try to stay away from high and large current connector temperature parts (such as the engine body).

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