What are DC power connectors? Jan 11, 2024

What are DC power connectors?

Dc power connectors, also known as DC plugs or barrel connectors, are common interfaces for providing DC power to small devices and devices. These plug and socket type connectors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations and are commonly used to power electrical equipment or within low-voltage systems, such as subsystems within vehicles. Common examples of DC connectors include barrel connectors, coaxial power connectors, audio connectors, power jacks, and USB connectors.


The development of DC connectors is closely related to the development of electrical and electronic systems. The earliest forms of DC connectors date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With the rise of electronic devices in the mid-20th century, the demand for dedicated DC connectors has also increased. Connectors were developed to meet the requirements of emerging technologies such as radio, television, and early computers.

 DC power plug

01 Design specification


Several standards exist in the DC power connector category to cover specific connector types, such as coaxial connectors and USB formats. There is no single standard that covers the entire category.

Installation type

Panel mount, through-hole mount soldered to the PCB, and mid-mount SMT are common choices. The type of installation of the DC power jack to the terminal application varies by application.

Number of insertions

Applications that require DC power connectors typically experience frequent plug and unplug cycles, so these connectors are typically rated for thousands of cycles.


DC connectors typically have two positions (also known as poles or pins) : positive and negative. Correctly connecting the positive and negative electrodes ensures that the electrical equipment receives the expected voltage and current, preventing potential damage to the equipment.

 Dc plug


The size of the DC connector can vary greatly depending on the specific type and purpose of the connector.


Dc connectors have specific pin configurations to accommodate various functions, such as power supply, data transmission, or other functions.

Material specification

The materials used in DC connectors vary depending on the connector type, intended application, and environmental factors.

 Dc power connector

02 Physical Properties


Dc connectors are typically designed with an insulating layer to prevent electrical contact between conducting elements and to prevent accidental contact with live electrical parts, thereby reducing the risk of short circuits. Pins, terminals, and other conductive elements within DC connectors are usually surrounded or coated with insulating material.


Shielding requirements depend on the specific application, the nature of the transmitted signal, and environmental conditions. When selecting connectors for applications with potential interference challenges, consider shielding characteristics and select connectors that meet the requirements of the intended use.


03 Environmental Characteristics

IP level/sealing mechanism

Dc connectors are sealed or reinforced for harsh environment applications.


04 Electrical Characteristics

Even in similar form factors, DC connectors have different voltage and current ratings. Using the right DC connector ensures compatibility and prevents damage to connected devices.

When dealing with DC connectors, pay attention to polarity (positive and negative) and match the voltage and current requirements of the connected device to avoid potential damage.


05 Market and application

With the development of intelligence and electrification, the development of the Internet and mobile Internet, it covers many fields, including automotive, consumer, data communication and telecommunications, industry, medical, military and aerospace


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