New trends of wiring harness design and layout for new energy vehicles Dec 21, 2023

New trends of wiring harness design and layout for new energy vehicles


New energy vehicle wiring harness and traditional fuel vehicle wiring harness, the main difference is high voltage wiring harness. The working environment of automobile wire harness is changed from "low voltage" to "high voltage and high current". The change of working environment puts forward higher requirements for the conveying capacity, mechanical strength, insulation protection, electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference, body weight and other aspects of automobile wire harness. This paper mainly introduces the new trend of the design and layout of new energy automobile wire harness.


High voltage wiring harness is not only a key component of the high voltage electrical system of new energy vehicles, but also an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of new energy vehicles. It is a high safety part in new energy vehicles, so the design and layout of high voltage wiring harness is crucial.



Cable Harness layout architecture

Automotive wiring harness layout generally has H type, Y type, E type and Sichuan type.

Generally speaking, if the high and low pressure layout planning together, the general priority is to the Sichuan layout. That is, the high voltage harness is in the center, and the low voltage harness is distributed on both sides, avoiding EMC problems caused by the high and low voltage harness arrangement.


Due to the special requirements of electric vehicles for vehicle protection level, EMC and energy consumption, the development trend of electric vehicle wiring harness layout is mainly to waterproof layout, highly integrated and lightweight trend.

Waterproof and airtight - complete vehicle harness

Electric vehicles are the most sensitive to water, and the water access requirements are also the most stringent.

In general, the outdoor wiring harness connector part below the left and right stringer forming a plane needs to reach IP69k, and the waterproof requirements can be met by adding the necessary protection plate shielding or improving the layout position of the connector.


Waterproof and airtight - Power battery harness

The power battery pack all adopts auto-grade plug-ins, which should be arranged at the back or upper part of the battery pack, and discharged from the indoor or rear part to achieve reliable waterproof performance and assembly and maintenance convenience.

Waterproof and airtight - indoor wiring harness

The indoor wiring harness of fuel vehicles is basically fixed by holes, in order to completely solve the water problem of the wiring harness fixing hole, the indoor wiring harness of electric vehicles is fixed by straight welding bolts, of course, the indoor part of the hollow sheet metal can still use the hole fixing method.

Electromagnetic interference

Compared with fuel vehicles, the electromagnetic interference of electric vehicles is more intense, in addition to reducing the interference source and improving the anti-interference ability, the reasonable arrangement of electrical appliances with electromagnetic interference and interference and the reasonable arrangement of the wiring harness this conduction path is also an important way to solve the electromagnetic interference problem.

Temperature field factor

The temperature field environment of electric vehicles is relatively better than that of fuel vehicles. It can be seen from the test data that the electrical box, drive motor and PEU are at the highest temperature in the front cabin. Since the highest temperature point does not exceed 60 ° C, the temperature field of the wiring harness arrangement in the front cabin does not need to be too troubled as long as the cooling system is reasonably designed.

Fine wire technique

Based on space reduction and system weight reduction, the use of extremely thin wires for signal transmission has become an important means of vehicle wire harness lightweight.

New material wire technology

Based on system weight reduction and cost control, new base aluminum wire technology and alloy wire technology are the main development direction of vehicle wire harness lightweight.

Optical fiber technology

Based on optical fiber data transmission technology, it can realize the interconnection and control of electronic equipment such as entertainment system and air conditioning system.

New substrate wire technology adjusts wiring harness layout

The development and installation of new substrate wire technology such as optical fiber is another important development direction for the lightening of vehicle wiring harness system, and can optimize and change the wiring harness layout.

 Automotive wiring harness

In summary, the future development trend of new energy vehicle wiring harnesses will improve the connector level through the arrangement of necessary protection plates and bolts; At the same time, electrical components through the new substrate and wire technology towards the direction of high integration, lightweight development; And for the vehicle wiring harness layout planning, through optimizing the wiring harness layout and reasonable isolation from electromagnetic interference and interference electrical parts. get more details from

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