Classification of Electric Vehicles Connectors Apr 24, 2023

Unlike traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles often have high voltage and current platforms, so there are often a large number of high -voltage connectors on new energy vehicles. From the perspective of the connector itself, there are many classification types of ev connectors: For example, there are round, rectangular, etc. from the shape, and there are high -frequency and low frequencies in the frequency. Different industries will also be different.


We can often see a variety of high -voltage connectors on the entire car. Among them, according to the connection method of the cable assembly, we divide it into two types:


One is a fixed type that is directly connected by bolts;

One is an insertion connection;

Ev Connector

The bolt connection is a connection party that we often see on the vehicle. The advantage of this method is its connection reliability.


The mechanical power of the bolt can resist the effect of car -level vibration, and its cost is relatively low. Of course, the bolt connection of its inconvenience requires certain operational installation space. The space inside the car cannot be left too much installation space.


And from the perspective of batching operations and after -sales maintenance, it is not suitable, and the more bolts, the more risk of artificial mistakes, so it also has certain limitations.


We often see similar products on the early Japanese -American hybrid models. Of course, we can still see many similar connections in some passenger cars and battery input and output cables for some commercial vehicles. It is necessary to use external boxes to achieve other functional requirements such as protection, so whether to use this method requires the combination of after -sales and other requirements from the perspective of the power cable design of the vehicle.


HV connector


In contrast, the insertion connector ensures the safety of the electrical connection by connecting the two terminal shells, thereby providing a connection with the wiring beam. Because the plug -in connection can be manually inserted manually, from a certain perspective, it can still reduce the use of space, especially in some narrow operation space.


With the cross -sectional area of the cable, the current increases, while the current increases from the early public and mother end to the transition to the middle to the middle of the elastic conductor contact material. Connection, its better conductive materials and better flexible design structures are also conducive to reducing contact resistance, which makes the connection of large current more reliable.

EV HV Connector


We can call the intermediate elastic conductor of the contacat, and there are many types of contago in the contactal. The wire spring type, etc.


We can see the actual form of interpolation, and there are two ways: circular interpolation method and chip -type interpolation.


We are very common in many domestic models in China. AMPhenol TE's 8mm and above large currents also use circular methods.


The more representative of the "film" is the PLK Contact similar to Kostal. From the perspective of the development of the early Japanese -American hybrid models, there are still many sheet applications. For example, the early PRIUS and TSSLA are more or less. This method is adopted, including some parts of BMW Bolt also adopted some of this method.


From the perspective of cost and heat, sheets are indeed better than traditional circular reeds, but I personally think what way to choose on the one hand depends on your actual application needs, on the one hand The design style of the home has a lot to do.


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