What is the EV Connector Socket? Apr 21, 2023

1. The composition of the high-voltage connector, basically: the case (public end, mother end), terminal (male and female terminal), shielding, sealing (tail, half end, line, contact) tail protective cap, high -pressure interoperability system , CPA1. The composition of high -voltage connectors, basically: case (public end, parent end), terminal (male and female terminal), shielding cover, sealed (tail, half -end, line end, contact) tail protective cap, high -pressure interoperability interoperability Systems, CPA systems and other structures.

 EV Connector

2. Standards for high-pressure connectors

High -pressure connectors are currently based on industry standards; in terms of standards, there are standards such as security, performance and other requirements, as well as test standards.

At present, the most mainstream design of connectors manufacturers will basically refer to the industry standard LV series standards jointly formulated by the four major OEMs in Europe: Audi, BMW, Daimler, and Porsche. In North America, it is mainly from the relevant standards of Saeuscar, and USCAR itself does not afford the standard.

The relevant standards such as USCAR2 and 37 we often use are mainly connected to EWCAP from the three major OEMs combined by Chrysler, Ford, and GM. This organization has been established in 1994. In 2008, in order to meet the requirements of more and more HEV, the organization updated the SAE-USCAR 2 and raised the voltage level from the original 20V to the 600V we see now.

 EV Plug

Basically, Europe is basically formulated by the OEMs of VW BMW DAIMLER in Europe. Germany, as a car leader, has also played a very important role in the formulation and promotion of its standards. Of course The reflection of the interests in the standard has also been displayed. For the AK working group and even refine the requirements of the installation interface size, this is basically in line with the consistent style of European and American OEMs. The TE AMPHENOL KOSTAL MOLEX DELPHI, etc., have also added these standards to these standards Essence


For GB, we have also released the standards of our own high -voltage wire beams and high -pressure connectors, but in terms of standard content, many places need to be further improved and improved, and we do not read more.

 Ev Cable Assembly

Because high -voltage connectors are generally unlikely to appear on the vehicle in the form of separate products, they generally need to be equipped with Cable, so the standard requirements of the line beam are also important. Generally, there will be more reference to the SAE J1742 in the industry.

To this day, more and more new energy vehicles have entered our lives. Whether it is an additional range electric vehicle, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen engine cars, pure electric vehicles, or other new energy vehicles Wait, you need a lot of connectors.

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