What are the applications of Anderson plugs? Aug 03, 2023

With the development of the new energy area, the variety is increasing, and the demand for applications is also increasing sharply. In line with the development of The Times, the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, Aichie Tech is vigorously engaged in the development and production of connectors in the field of new energy. In order to meet the increasing market needs, more connectors and suitable connector accessories have also emerged, but the related industrial supply chain in addition to the pursuit of faster R & D production speed, if you want to gain a foothold in this emerging market, The primary consideration should remain whether consumers have confidence in the safety of electric vehicles and their related application components, connectors, and connector accessories. The connector of an electric vehicle refers to a combination of plugs and sockets, as well as a combination of connectors and connectors, whose main function is to transmit power from the outside of the car to the car, and the device will contain a rubber shell contact for power, grounding, communication and navigation control connection.


Power connector Anderson plug: the same color to insert, regardless of male and female, flame retardant PC UL94V-0 used in new energy lithium batteries.


anderson plug

Applied to electric vehicle forklift, Anderson socket with connector accessories T-handle, easy to plug and pull

 Power cable


High-power and high-current electric forklift special connector REMA power connector, Anderson plug with triangular handle, power plug

REMA power connector

The housing material used for the power connector must be polymer insulation material and must have a specific combustion grade, such as the Anderson connector is PC UL94V-0 flame retardant grade, electrical and heat resistance characteristics. To ensure the safety of users and service technicians in high-pressure environments, we must consider a complex set of factors in the electrical system to ensure reliability and optimality. Connection system is the key component of high voltage electrical connection line, especially the design of high power cable connection cable. From the safety point of view, the design of the high-voltage connection system needs to pay attention to two aspects, namely, the high-voltage interlock loop and the environmental seal of the connector (to avoid short circuit between the high-voltage terminals when the power supply is used).


A variety of different use environments, different connector accessories to work together. Since unsealed lines can lead to failure modes such as short circuits, sealing of high voltage lines is critical. As we all know, water and electricity are incompatible. The use of a wire ring seal and a connector outer seal allows the connector to be truly sealed, ensuring that moisture cannot enter and does not cause overheating or sparks. Then the Anderson plug can be used with the fixed plug to play a role of dust and water vapor prevention. In the process of use, especially high-power equipment, in many cases, it is plugged and pulled, and the inserting and pulling force is relatively large, so it is equipped with a power handle and a power plug to play a labor-saving and safe hot swap role. Use a variety of different connector accessories according to various situations.



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