What is an Anderson plug? Oct 25, 2022

What does an Anderson plug do?

Anderson plugs are increasingly being used by owners of campervans and caravans to charge auxiliary batteries while they are driving and to power electrical accessories while they are camping.



They allow the vehicle battery to power the trailer or trailer's electronic stability control system and can be used as an alternative to the 12-volt power supply in the lighter socket. At campsites, the plug connects to solar panels and charges batteries

Anderson Plug

Product Type:

A. Unipolar connector: specifications are 45A.75A.120A.180A, high current capacity, small volume, can be freely assembled, AC and DC dual use;

B. Multipole connector: specifications are :50A.120A.175A.350A, positive and negative design, two holes to plug, silver plated terminal design, matching handle;

C. Tri-pole connector: 50A,175A 600V, suitable for tri-junction/DC product connection;

D. Two-pole connector with contact: two-pole main contact + two-pole auxiliary contact; Specifications such as :175A+45A Suitable for powering on the battery and monitoring the temperature rise of the battery.


Grey Anderson Plug

Main Features:

1. The connector is made of polycarbonate material, high temperature resistance and anti-corrosion;

2. Adopt eye-catching color coding, and different colors, different connector interfaces, to prevent misinsertion;

3. Hardware terminals are copper plated silver, excellent conductivity; Hardware shrapnel with positioning slot, can prevent the terminal from moving around, to ensure good contact;

4. The connector is not divided into male and female design, which is conducive to reducing inventory;

5. Accessories: handle + dust cover;

6. Connector fire rating: UL 94V-0


When Anderson plug connects the needle into the jack of the connector,be sure to observe whether the lock is closed. When repairing the waterproof connector, special attention must be paid to prevent oil and water from entering the jack, otherwise, it must be cleaned and dried before reconnecting.

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