• Silicone wire and cable Jul 29, 2022
    Silicone wire and cable     Aichie is a leading supplier and factory of custom and stock silicone wire or cable. Aichie can supply silicone wires and cables in a variety of AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding structures, and conductor numbers, both stock and custom.   What is silicone? Silicone is a form of synthetic rubber. Silicone has a very wide tempe...
  • What is the advantages of copper foil soft connection?
    What is the advantages of copper foil soft connection? Aug 12, 2022
    Copper foil soft connection: The copper foil braided busbar expansion joint is made of oxygen-free copper tube, which is flat and bright. Copper foil flexible connection products are widely used in electric vehicles, high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electronics, high and low voltage switch cabinets, electric welding machines, automobiles, electric locomotives, electric furnaces, ...
  • What is busbar connect?
    What is busbar connect? Oct 26, 2022
    Busbar is an important component in the new energy distribution system.     Busbar is a multi-layer composite connecting bus, also known as a composite bus, which can be regarded as a distribution system highway. Compared with traditional, bulky, time-consuming and troublesome wiring methods, Busbar has the advantages of easy design, low impedance, anti-interference, good reliability, sp...
  • What industries need busbar connectivity?
    What industries need busbar connectivity? Dec 22, 2022
    Background  There are still many phenomena in China's industrial chain, such as low production concentration, low R&D capability of high-end products and low manufacturing technology level of soft connection industry. The next few years will be a period of high-speed shock in the soft connection industry. The direct consequence of such high-speed shock is the expansion of polarization tre...
  • Aichie|New Energy System Component-BUSBAR
    Aichie|New Energy System Component-BUSBAR Feb 14, 2023
    The component "BUSBAR" occupied an important position in the new energy (EV) power distribution system.   BUSBAR is a multi -layer composite structure connection row, which is also called composite parent row, which can be regarded as a highway for power distribution systems. Compared with the traditional, bulky, time -consuming, and troublesome wiring method, Busbar has the characteristics o...
  • BUSBAR-How to design and selection?
    BUSBAR-How to design and selection? Feb 15, 2023
    The BUSBAR design selection is not only as simple as considering the ability of overcurrent. Usually when designing a battery, the most considers is busbar, paying attention to its overcurrent ability and heat.   How do we judge when doing busbar design? It is a very important point to be warming. If we simply say how wide, how many layers thick, and how much the cross -sectional area, and th...
  • What is an electrical busbar?
    What is an electrical busbar? May 26, 2023
    What is an electrical busbar? Derived from the Latin word "omnibus", which translates as "for all" (as in "all currents in a particular system"), busbars are flat conductors that are becoming an integral part of the architecture of electric vehicles. Busbars are typically installed in switchgear, panel and busway enclosures for local high current distribution. They are also used to connect high-vo...
  • Why should the terminals of low-voltage appliances be plated with silver or tin?
    Why should the terminals of low-voltage appliances be plated with silver or tin? Jul 26, 2023
    We discuss that the silver terminals of low-voltage circuit breakers and contactors will be vulcanized and discolored in a sulfur-containing environment (even if there is trace sulfur in the atmosphere for a long enough time), but the copper tin and copper nickel plated terminals will not be, and the last article left a topic at the end: In order to avoid the trouble caused by discoloration, why n...
  • What factors should be considered in the design of high voltage cables in electric vehicles? Dec 13, 2023
    The high voltage cable in the electric vehicle is a kind of "wire" with "insulation" installation that transmits electrical energy through the point front ring for spark plug ignition, so that the initiator does work. Its structure is not complicated, and a layer of high strength insulator is wrapped inside the external metal wire through the consumer process. It can have good insulation and ...
  • Will aluminum wire replace copper wire in the future?
    Will aluminum wire replace copper wire in the future? May 20, 2024
    In the wiring harness industry, will aluminum wire replace copper wire in the future?   With the popularity of new energy vehicles, there is no doubt that automotive wiring harness materials have brought new challenges and opportunities. Whether aluminum wire will replace copper wire harness is not a simple question, but a complex issue involving material science, cost control, performance re...

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