What industries need busbar connectivity? Dec 22, 2022

Flexible busbar


 There are still many phenomena in China's industrial chain, such as low production concentration, low R&D capability of high-end products and low manufacturing technology level of soft connection industry. The next few years will be a period of high-speed shock in the soft connection industry. The direct consequence of such high-speed shock is the expansion of polarization trend in the brand camp. Not so many companies are expected to be able to truly survive in the next few years. But this high-speed shakeout in the electronics industry will bring huge opportunities, and the result will be a more rational market. The road to localization is very "bumpy". Basic parts have become the short board restricting the high-end development of soft connection industry in China. China will continue to strengthen the localization of soft connection industry. Shanghai Minhang District Haitian Copper Business Department focuses on the production of large current busbar supporting power system. Complete production and testing facilities, with international production equipment, strong technical force, with research, development, production of all kinds of large current bus connection ability. The main products are widely used in metallurgy (such as electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic zinc), chemical industry (such as: ionic membrane caustic soda), carbon, electric power (such as: power transmission and transformation engineering, power equipment machinery), locomotive, sea vessels and other industrial units. First-class production technology and high-quality management personnel have created the company's high-quality products and perfect after-sales service system. The professional production of large current connection busbar copper soft connection, copper aluminum connection solve the traditional busbar in the use process of easy heating, high energy consumption and other shortcomings, with energy saving, consumption reduction, electrical performance superior, long service life, maintenance free, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and other characteristics. The connection resistance is up to microeuro standard. For the use of large current system to save considerable capital per year, greatly reducing the production cost of manufacturers. This product is mainly used in large current enterprises power transformer (AC busbar) - rectifier cabinet - (DC branch busbar) - knife switch - (workshop busbar) - the busbar connection between the tank and the furnace head and furnace tail transition device and power system required copper soft busbar connection, closed busbar, etc.



The connection between application processes on field devices is a kind of logical connection, or soft busbar connection. This communication connection is also called a virtual communication relationship.

 hree virtual communication relationships of Foundation Fieldbus:

Customer/server type;

Report distribution type;

Publish/subscribe receive type.


Busbar connection is the slow lifting of the clutch so that the gear is connected smoothly. Used to get started.

Hard - attached is a quick lift clutch. Generally used for shifting acceleration.

Copper braided wire soft busbar connection

Tinned copper braided wire soft connection is suitable for all kinds of high voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electrical appliances, mine explosion-proof switch and automobile, locomotive and other related products for soft busbar connection, using bare copper wire or tinned copper braided wire (stranded wire), made by cold pressing method.

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