What is SATA Power Cable? Dec 21, 2022

SATA stands for Serial ATA. It is a type of computer bus that is mainly used for data transfer between the motherboard and mass storage devices such as hard disks and optical disk drives. This is a new type of hard disk interface completely different from serial PATAs, so named because of the serial mode of data transmission. SATA bus uses embedded clock signal, which has stronger error correction ability. Compared with the past, the biggest difference is that it can check the transmitted instruction (not only data), and automatically correct the error if found, which greatly improves the reliability of data transmission. The serial interface also has the advantages of simple structure and hot swap.

Developed in November 2000 by the "Serial ATA Working Group", SATA has completely replaced the old hard drives of the old PATA(Parallel ATA or IDE) interface, named for the serial mode of data transmission. On the data transfer side, SATA is faster than ever and supports hot swapping, allowing hardware to be plugged in or removed while the computer is running. The SATA bus, on the other hand, uses embedded clock frequency signals to provide greater error correction capability than ever before. It can check transmitted instructions (not just data) and automatically correct errors if found, improving the reliability of data transmission. However, the most obvious difference between SATA and the past is the use of thinner cables to facilitate air circulation inside the chassis, increasing the overall stability of the platform to some extent.

 SATA Cable

What are the advantages of SATA disk interfaces?

Currently, SATA is available in three specifications: SATA 1.5Gbit/s, SATA 3Gbit/s and SATA 6Gbit/s. There will be faster SATA Express specifications in the future.

The advantages are as follows:

1, serial connection, the use of embedded clock signal, with stronger error correction ability, if found errors will be corrected automatically;

2, has the advantages of simple structure, support for hot swap;

3, can reduce system energy consumption and reduce system complexity;

4, higher starting point, greater development potential, data transmission rate is very high.

SATA cable is the main component that connects the hard drive; At present, the common SATA power cables are 5V and 12V; This is also the most commonly used; SATA wire made by Aichi Electronics has the advantages of stable signal, anti-interference fast data transmission, if you need to buy SATA wire harness, welcome to contact us at any time!

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