Why is Waterproof wiring harness waterproof? Dec 20, 2022

Where is the waterproof harness used?

Waterproof wiring harness also known as waterproof connector, waterproof connector is a kind of waterproof performance of the plug, and can provide safe and reliable electrical, signal connection to the product. All around us are widely used! For example, led street lights, led driving power, led display, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communication equipment, testing equipment and so on, all need waterproof wiring harnesses and connectors.

Wire-to-board connector is a kind of connector that uses waterproof wiring harness more. Because it is widely used in stage lighting, aquarium, bathroom, switching power supply, mechanical and electrical equipment and other products, and these products will inevitably contact water, so more need the reliable performance of waterproof wiring harness.


waterproof Cable assembly


How to determine the grade of waterproof wiring harness?

At present, the highest level of waterproofing is IPX8, the waterproofing measure is IP, then we must check the main evaluation standard of waterproofing performance of the waterproofing connector is based on IP waterproofing grade standard. Looking at the waterproof performance of the waterproof joint, mainly rely on the two digits of IPXX, X in front of the 0~6 grade, the high grade is 6, for dust identification; The X number behind is 0~8, the high grade is 8, so the high waterproof grade of the waterproof joint is IPX8.


Why is Waterproof wiring harness waterproof?

Waterproof wiring harness sealing principle of connector: The connector relies on up to 5 sealing rings and sealing rings to pressure preload the seal. When the connector is heated expansion, the seal will not lose the preload, to ensure a long time of waterproof effect, water molecules at atmospheric pressure is impossible to penetrate. It can work for a long time under the water depth of less than 2M!

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