What is Spring Cable? Dec 09, 2022

What is a spring cable?

Spring cable is also known as spiral cable, it is necessary to use spiral cable in almost all industries.


 Spring Spiral Cable

Spring Cable Application:

Whether in communications (telephone, radio) or medical technology, electric locomotive industry, mechanical engineering, or lighting industry, spiral cables have applications everywhere. In addition to their electro-mechanical advantages, spiral cables are often an excellent optical structural solution. If you use PVC and PUR cables, the color of the spiral cable will coordinate with the color of the object in most cases. At the same time we can also supply: shielded spiral cable. Spiral spring cable series, instruments with spiral cable, automobile power supply with spring cable, transformer power supply with spiral cable, large mechanical and electrical equipment with spiral cable, cleaning machine power supply with spiral cable, automatic meter billing special 5-core spring cable and so on.

1, PVC spiral cable: high economy, low mechanical and chemical resistance. Medium elastic force. Suitable for light industry, computer and other occasions installation and use.

2, PUR spiral cable: very good elastic force. Excellent mechanical and chemical properties, especially cold resistance, oil resistance, climate resistance, wear and tear resistance. Suitable for mechanical manufacturing, power tools and other occasions, in the application of most fields, is the best solution.

3, PUR shielded spiral cable: has excellent chemical performance. It is particularly resistant to cold, oil, weather, wear and tear. Helical integral shielding structure can resist all kinds of electromagnetic interference, especially suitable for medical, semiconductor, chip and other occasions requiring minimal installation space.


Scope of application

For rated AC voltage 450/750V or DC voltage 6V-1000V or lower, need to return. Up and down moving assembly circuit summary connection wire, such as telephone, computer, electronic equipment by plug-in and car, trailer, spring connection cable. Paper removal trend

Product Features:

It has good flexibility and elasticity (elongation length can reach 3.5-4 times the original spring length). It has good cold resistance, flame retardant, oil resistance and wear resistance. According to the different requirements of the production of various types of spiral spring wire.

Conductor structure: single strand or stranded bare soft copper wire (or tinned copper wire)

Insulation material: available polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene or polyethylene, to meet the requirements of different occasions.

Sheath material: general polyurethane elastic material PU material

Operating temperature: according to requirements, cold resistance -65℃;

Temperature resistance: 80℃. 105℃. 125℃


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