What factors should be considered in the design of high voltage cables in electric vehicles? Dec 13, 2023

The high voltage cable in the electric vehicle is a kind of "wire" with "insulation" installation that transmits electrical energy through the point front ring for spark plug ignition, so that the initiator does work. Its structure is not complicated, and a layer of high strength insulator is wrapped inside the external metal wire through the consumer process. It can have good insulation and external transmission and conduction function at higher temperatures. So, what issues should be considered in the design of the high-voltage cable in the car?

 EV cable assembly

1. Soft design

The flexibility of high-voltage cables for electric vehicles is basically determined by the hardness of conductors, which is that large-diameter cables use small diameter monofilament conductors, and multiple monofilament bundles can be twisted in this way to make the soft conductors required by high-voltage cables possible. The advantage of multi-conductor is increased bending distance, can withstand bending and increase service life.


2. Insulation design

High voltage and high current need to consider the heat resistance and mechanical life of the high voltage wire in the car. A material that is softer than the battery wire can be selected and does not increase the hardness of the twisted conductor. Because the magnetic tile is easily deformed by the multi-core cable stranding, it is necessary to use winding equipment. When the stranding equipment is placed, it turns backward in the stranding direction to prevent the tension deformation of the high-voltage wire inside the electric vehicle.


3. Shield design

Braided shielding of high voltage wires in electric vehicles can be used to prevent oxidation through copper oxide wires. Copper wire has a great influence on the flexibility of the torsional conductor, and the coverage area of the shielded wire is large, which can solve the interference problem of the electromagnetic circuit. And the high voltage cable in the car can also be combined with other shielding, such as aluminum foil structured film. A layer of non-woven fabric is added to the protective cover to facilitate the stripping of the outer sheath.


These are the factors that need to be considered in the design of high-voltage cables in the car, that is, soft design, insulation design and shielding design. In addition, in order to ensure the service life of the product, high-quality and reliable EV high-voltage cable manufacturers will also carry out sheath design when designing, which also takes into account heat resistance and mechanical properties, so as to effectively protect the cable and extend the service life of the high-voltage cable.


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