What is a lithium battery harness? What does it do? Dec 14, 2023


As an important part of lithium battery, battery wiring harness plays a key role in the improvement of battery performance. Now with you to discuss the role of lithium battery wiring harness, design principles and future development trends.


01 What is Lithium battery cable?

A lithium battery cable is an electrical harness used to connect and manage lithium batteries, which includes multiple wires and connectors for connecting lithium batteries to other devices or systems. The lithium battery harness has high voltage and current carrying capacity, high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and is used to transmit power and data signals, while ensuring the safety and reliability of the battery.

There are various types of lithium battery wiring harnesses, which can be divided into the following types according to different application needs and battery types:

Electric vehicle lithium battery harness: Lithium battery system for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, including the connection harness between the high voltage battery pack and the electric drive system, and the connection harness inside the battery pack.

Lithium battery wire harness for portable electronic devices: Lithium battery system for portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., including the connection harness between the battery and the motherboard.

Large energy storage system lithium battery harness: lithium battery system for energy storage system, such as solar battery pack, wind power battery pack, etc., including the connection harness between the battery pack and the inverter and the distribution system.

Lithium battery harness for aerospace applications such as rockets and satellites: Lithium battery systems used in the aerospace field, including the connection harness between the battery pack and the control system of spacecraft, satellites, missiles, etc.


02 The role of lithium battery wiring harness

Lithium battery wiring harness is a combination of wires that connect battery cells, and its main role is to provide current transmission and battery management system functions. Lithium battery harness plays a crucial role in battery performance improvement, including the following aspects:

1. Current transmission: The lithium battery wiring harness transmits the current from the battery cell to the entire battery pack by connecting the battery cell to ensure the normal operation of the battery pack. At the same time, the lithium battery harness needs to have low resistance and high conductivity to reduce energy loss during current transmission.

2. Temperature control: The lithium battery will generate heat during the working process, and the lithium battery harness needs to have good heat dissipation performance to ensure that the temperature of the battery pack is within the safe range. Through reasonable wiring harness design and material selection, the heat dissipation effect of the battery pack can be improved and the battery life can be extended.

3. Battery management system support: The lithium battery harness also needs to be connected with the battery management system (BMS) to achieve the monitoring and management of the battery pack. Through the connection between the lithium battery harness and the BMS, the battery pack voltage, temperature, current and other parameters can be monitored in real time to ensure the safety performance of the battery pack.

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