What is the advantages of copper foil soft connection? Aug 12, 2022

Copper foil soft connection: The copper foil braided busbar expansion joint is made of oxygen-free copper tube, which is flat and bright. Copper foil flexible connection products are widely used in electric vehicles, high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electronics, high and low voltage switch cabinets, electric welding machines, automobiles, electric locomotives, electric furnaces, mine explosion-proof electrical equipment, generators, carbon brushes, etc.

Wire features and advantages: good flexibility, easy heat dissipation, bending resistance, strong conductivity, easy installation

Fault: Overload, the middle of the wire is easily damaged.

 copper busbar connection

In fact, everyone should understand the product function of copper foil soft connection: copper foil soft connection is made of bare copper wire or tinned copper braided tape by cold pressing. The interface can be remarked by the customer. The pure tin diameter is 0.20 mm; the standard product is 0.10 mm; it can be processed according to the customer's requirements, and the two ends of the copper tube and the copper foil silver-plated brass surface can be processed for soft connection. The size of the joint can be produced according to the customer's size. Processed to make copper foil soft connection, soft grounding, high conductivity, strong anti-fatigue ability, can be produced safely according to customer requirements.

copper foil soft connection

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