What is MC4 Solar Connector? Aug 04, 2022

MC4 connector is a single contact electrical connector. They are usually used to connect solar wires to solar panels. MC4 stands for "multi contact, 4 mm". It is the standard of renewable energy industry. MC4 connector can easily build panel strings. In today's solar market, MC4 connectors and their compatible products are widely used. In most cases, larger solar panels are already equipped with MC4 connectors. Solar panels are plastic based circular shells with single conductors in paired male / female configurations. With the help of notch interlock, MC4 connectors can be terminated with each other to avoid accidental pulling.


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When and where are MC4 connectors used?

Usually, this depends on the size of the solar panel. Although they are designed to be weather resistant and UV resistant for reliable outdoor use, their different sizes also have different uses. Smaller solar panels (less than 20 watts) do not generate high current, and they are usually used as independent units, making the termination method less important. In addition, larger solar panels (more than 20 watts) are mainly dealing with higher power; They are connected together in an array to achieve standardized termination that can handle higher voltages. Therefore, the MC4 sun connector needs perfect fit.


How many parts are there in MC4 connector?

Each MC4 connector has five parts. They are the screws on the main housing, metal crimping contacts, rubber water seals, seal holders, and end caps.

Solar Connector Conductor pin is tinned Copper: made of PPO + PA material, It makes a rock solid connection after you crimp the pin to the wire, and these are operated perfectly under heavy load. WATERPROOF RING on connection is perfect to seal out water and dust to prevent corrosion, PPO INSULATION MATERIAL with excellent aging resistance and UV endurance, can resist severe weather such as heavy rain,snowstorm or heat for a long time.The male version of the MC4 connector uses different housings and metal contacts. The rest of it is interchangeable. Some MC4 connectors have removable safety lock clips. They cover interlocking plates and provide additional accidental disconnection protection.


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What tools are needed when using MC4 connectors?

When using MC4 connector, we need to use some different special tools. The most important ones are a crimping tool and two disconnect / wrench combination tools. Any crimping tool must be equipped with an articulated swing contact bracket, which helps to make the termination unified and conform to the specification. It is wise to avoid using any crimping tools without this function


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What wires are needed for solar connectors?

Most wires used in MC4 connectors are solar panel wires or photovoltaic wires. Although there are many options, it is important that they all meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). They must also comply with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) UV standards. Because wires that are not UV resistant are not suitable for outdoor use.

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